The Case of the Laminated Glass Tint Color

Question Regarding Laminated Glass Tint Color:

Hi Glass Detective,

I had a break-in through tempered glass. It was Celcius glass so it had a slight tint. If I replace with laminated glass in that one pane, will it look different than the other Celcius glass beside it?


Ruth W.

Answer to Question Regarding Laminated Glass Tint Color:


Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective with your question regarding laminated glass. As you stated, you had a break-in through a tempered glass panel and have now decided to replace it with laminated glass with the thought that it will be harder to break-in through the laminated glass than the tempered glass. And it should be. While the laminated glass will not guarantee that an intruder can’t get in, it certainly will make it more difficult.

I would like to suggest that you use the thickest laminated glass that your framing will allow when you do the replacement. Thicker is always better and also, the thicker the PVC inner-layer the better. A .030 PVC inner- layer is somewhat standard but see if you can get a .045 inner-layer in your laminated glass replacement piece if possible.

Last thing, you are concerned about matching the existing glass type/finish (on the old tempered glass piece) when you install the new laminated glass piece. Your glass supplier should be able to do that. There is virtually nothing that can be done to a tempered piece of glass that cannot be achieved with the use of a laminated glass product. A little effort and maybe a little more money, but it should be doable.

Thank you again for contacting the Glass Detective and I wish you well with your project.

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