The Case of Load Resistance for Tempered Glass

Question About Glass Load Resistance:

Dear Glass Detective,

What is the resistance for tempered glazing and the double glaze tempered glazing?

Thank you,

Saleh M.

Answer About Glass Load Resistance:


Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective with your request for information regarding “resistance” (I assume you are referring to “load resistance”) for various types of glass. My recommendation to you is that you talk to your intended supplier for these products and let them tell you what their product’s characteristics will be for any given type of glass product they are going to supply to you.

While load resistance calculations are very similar from various manufacturers/fabricators, specific data is always better obtained from the supplier being used. You should also check with your local building code requirements to know what is required. Also please be aware that there are different types of loads (resistance) the two most common being “wind load” and “dead load”.

I hope this is of some benefit to you and thank you again for contacting the Glass Detective.

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