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Mercedes Recommends Only OEM Windshield Replacements

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Recently, Mercedes Benz USA issued a statement in which it “strongly recommends” that drivers who need to get a windshield replaced only use Mercedes Benz products. Why is that?

The automaker says glass made by other companies does not meet the exacting specifications of Mercedes Benz glass, adding that aftermarket glass often does not contain the same technology. These include things such as as solar glass coatings, which provide protection from the sun’s rays and reduce heat levels inside the car. These also can optimize air-conditioning performance and improve fuel economy.

Mercedes says aftermarket glass also might not be as quiet as its Benz glass, either.

OE vs. Aftermarket: So What’s the Difference?

It’s important to know the difference between aftermarket glass and “original equipment” glass. Glass that was made specifically for Mercedes Benz is called “original equipment” or OE glass.

It was put in the vehicle by the car manufacturer during the manufacturing process.

Aftermarket glass refers to glass that’s made for replacement purposes, usually by companies other than the one who first made the glass for the original car. It’s often less expensive than OE glass, but it might not be the same quality or fit as well.

“To promote and maintain its rigorous standards of quality and safety, if a collision repair is necessary, MBUSA strongly recommends that all repairs be performed by a certified technician using only genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts,” reads an excerpt from the company’s six-page statement.

The Mercedes Benz position statement also provides guidance for recalibration of on-board systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), such as cameras, rain sensors, antennas and heating elements.

“Aftermarket glass often does not account for these complex electrical components and may interfere with your vehicle’s electronic systems, or cause these electronic systems to not function properly,” the company said.

ADAS systems are designed to increase driver safety, and while they were once considered futuristic, they’re becoming more mainstream.

ADAS includes technology such as collision avoidance, surround view, lane-departure warning, cross traffic alert, park assist and heads-up displays, in which crucial vehicle data such as speed is  projected onto the windshield. That way, the driver doesn’t have to look down as often.

A few years ago, ADAS was seen as an upgrade for higher-end vehicles such as Mercedes Benz (note the G-Wagon pictured below), but the technology is becoming standard in most makes and models. And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is requiring ADAS to be standard in newly manufactured vehicles; for example, by 2018, all new cars must have rear-view cameras.




One thing is for sure: Expect to pay more for using OE glass in a Mercedes windscreen replacement.

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Onboard Diagnostic Systems

The Mercedes Benz announcement also said that post-collision repair evaluations of model year 1996 vehicles with onboard diagnostics systems “ … should have these systems evaluated using an up-to-date … diagnostics computer.”

So what exactly is an onboard diagnostic system?

Onboard diagnostic systems allow the vehicle owner or repair technician to accurately diagnose any problems your vehicle might be having. The earliest versions were those red dashboard warning lights that would tell you to check your oil or remind you to disengage the emergency brake. Today, onboard diagnostics often involve computer chips and other high-tech touches, which allow the driver or a technician to rapidly identify and remedy malfunctions within the vehicle.

“Post-repair scanning and diagnosis of the vehicle is necessary to ensure that the vehicle’s safety and driver-assist systems are operable and fully functioning,” according to Mercedes Benz statement. “Many of the safety and driver-assist systems that may have been activated during a collision require vehicle calibration, normalization or coding. The post-repair scan will also help to ensure that a comprehensive repair has been performed.”

Mercedes provides a number of examples of when ADAS will need to be recalibrated include:

  • Windshield replacement for vehicles with driver-assist sensors (including rain/light sensors) located in the windshield;
  • Vehicle collisions, regardless of the appearance of damage, and;
  • Removal and/or replacement of exterior components, bumpers, SRS sensors, parking sensors, driver-assist system sensors and cameras, wiring harnesses, vehicle control units, seats or interior trim panels.

Where to Go for Help?

You Mercedes Benz windshield is crucial to your safety, so if you think minimum damage just a minor annoyance, think again. A crack can compromise the strength of your windshield. That means you’re more likely to be injured by glass in the event of an accident. Also, a cracked windshield has the potential to impair your vision, which can be a recipe for disaster on the highway.

Finally, the windshield supports your vehicle in the event of a roll-over incident. If the windshield is damaged, it can compromise the structural integrity of the roof, increasing the risk of injury or death for vehicle occupants.

Cracks can expand in certain weather conditions. Be sure to have a technician check the damage as soon as possible because that simple repair could turn into a replacement.

And while Mercedes Benz strongly recommends that you should only use Mercedes Benz technicians to repair or replace the windshield, remember that other shops can obtain and install OE glass. So if getting your vehicle to a Mercedes dealership is not convenient, know that you have other options.

You can use our auto glass locator service to find a shop today. If you want to find a certified technician who can do the work, search for one on

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78 Responses

  1. I just had my windshield replaced by Mercedes. My GLE 450 replacement cost $1,420.75 total.
    $940 for windshield, $35 glazing adhesive, $400 labor, and $10 for the dumb Mercedes sticker in the lower corner.
    I had two large cracks running up the whole windshield. You could see a difference in light between the pieces.
    Getting it done by dealer was a no brainer. Sensors must be configured. Glass is designed to the car for crash. Aftermarket is a cheap and unsafe way to go for such an expensive car. Makes no sense why you’d buy such a car with safety as one contributing factor for purchase then not put OEM for a part that plays such a major role in keeping you alive in an accident.

  2. We bought a certified pre-owned 2014 MB ML350 in February of this year. After four months, the windshield cracked top to bottom. We used the PermaPlate insurance purchased with the car to replace the glass through Safelite. A month later we got hit by a rock and the windshield split horizontally. We got it replaced and two weeks later got hit by another rock two inches from the previous strike causing an immediate horizontal split. I’m trying to determine if the windshields installed by Safelite truly are equivalent to the MB OEM windshields. They claim to be installing OEM windshields but I cannot reconcile their part number with the MB part number. Any advice or help would be appreciated. By the way, I have not changed my driving habits. I’ve been driving for 44 years and have only had to replace two windshields prior to owning this vehicle.

    1. William, I am sorry to hear of your bad luck! As most drivers need a windshield replacement once every eight years, it sounds like you’re making up for lost time.

      As for the windshield itself, a sure-fire way to make sure that OEM glass is being used is to have the replacement done through a Mercedes dealership. It certainly possible for independent installers to obtain OEM parts however and is fairly common practice. Part numbers can be tricky as they don’t always match up the way you think they would. At this point, I would suggest taking your vehicle to a Mercedes dealership and see if they are able to determine whether or not it is a factory part.

      Good luck!

    2. I too have a 2014 ML 350 and the windshield cracked all over from the slightest rock chip. I had the special coating installed at purchase so went through them and supposedly, they had Safelight install a certified Mercedes windshield. Before I could even get it to the dealer for calibration, you guessed it, another small rock bounced off it causing an immediate star crack that spread over the entire drivers side. Either Mercedes owners have really bad luck or there is a defect in the glass and tempering Mercedes uses. Time for a class action lawsuit. My 2006 Dodge Ran windshield is 1/3 the price and strong as steel. We are being ripped off.

      1. Me too! This has to have something to do with the manufacturing of Mercedes windshields.

        Second week I had my 2017 GLE 400, I got a stone chip in the windshield. I brought it to the dealership and they filled it ….for $85, only to have a vertical crack right up my windshield two months later.

        I was about to bring in to have replaced and you guessed it, another rock hit my windshield and another deep star chip in the centre of my windshield.

        I have been driving for 35 years and I drive all over, highway and city. I have had two stone chips in my windshields in all of 35 years and both cars – one a BMW and the other a Lexus, we’re both able to be filled and I never had to have those windshields replaced.

        Coincidence that we are all having windshield issues with our Mercedes….I think not. I like the idea of a class action suit. I have never been so unhappy with the purchase of a new car as I have been with Mercedes.

  3. I bought a brand new 2014 MB Sprinter Van and in 2 years I am going on my 4th windshield, the fourth one in less than six months of the 3rd. The cracks were caused by the smallest impact, with the 3rd, it was under the wiper blade and very tiny. I am doubting the quality of the windshield that MB is using. Any issues with windshields in the Sprinter Van?

  4. My 2012 Mercedes slk350 got a crack in the windshield. Geico glass coverage paid for an aftermarket replacement through safelite. Can’t see through the windshield when it rains due to blotchy spots. Radio doesn’t get as many stations, wipers and headlights don’t work as they used to. This isn’t “pre accident condition” as per Geico’s claim

  5. My 2016 MB E250 windshield cracked
    I called Mercedes and wanted it replaced . They said they don’t replace windshields. They said go to Saflite. I called Saflite and they don’t use Mercedes windshields.
    How do I get a OM part installed ???

    1. Thanks for the question Moe! Use to find a reputable shop in your zip code who can guide you through the process.

  6. I’m so happy to have a found this thread, as I was beginning to wonder if I just had the worst of luck. My windshield on my 2016 GLE 450 has cracked 4 times! FOUR in a year and a half. I’ve never had another car windshield get cracked, drive as I always have, and this windshield is truly junk! Mercedes has lost a client as I will trade it in after this winter.

  7. I had the same problem on my 2017 Mercedes C300. It was a small rock, I parked my car in the garage, came out, it spread to crack as long as dollar bill quickly. I’ve driven 4 BMW had no problem with it, rocks has come to the glass so many times. Bmw glass is a steel. I’m happy to drive Mercedes brand. It’s soft as a paper. All my friends told me. They thought the MB glassed that installed all models was bad material, and not very good compares to the other car brands. Disappointed so much on Mercedes brand.

  8. I thought it was just me. I’ve had two chips/cracks in my 2014 E350, caused by minute impact. I’ve never had a crack in any other car I’ve owned. The Mercedes dealership charged me $1600.00 to replace it and now my insurance company doesn’t want to pay anything for the replacement because it was so expensive. I live in fear that I’m going to get another crack from a piece of gravel.

  9. Very useful information from all reply’s . My 2012 c300 acquired 2 chips in a week with one reaching over 8 inches over night without moving the car. New glass is on the calendar but I feel this is going to happen again soon. I also have not needed to replace glass even on my 2008 VW with 180,000 miles. Reavaluating brand purchase.

  10. 2009 E320 bluetek, back winow broken. Was replaced with original MB part in some shop. Seams to be ok, defroster woks.
    But since then the sound system and radio are not working. It says DEVICE NOT AVAIABLE. Is it the anty theft feature that prevents the system not to work?(Forced entery)
    MB Service Center claims that the sound system need to be replaced! For $ 1,600.

    1. Hi Franz,

      It could be that the battery was unplugged during the replacement, causing the computer’s anti-theft feature or something similar to kick in. According to this MBWorld thread, it is likely related to the satellite radio unit which needs to be reset.

  11. Wow this is really serious. I own a 2014 e350 sport and am on my 3rd chip. Came out this morning and while driving in 85 degree weather with my ac on and a crack appeared right b4 my eyes! The funny thing is the crack started at the bottom where my wiper blades are hidden and rose upward halfway through the windshield dividing the passenger side and driver side. There is no rock that could even get where the crack started. As a matter of fact no rock has even hit on the area of that crack. So it must be ghosts! I have 6 cars. From acura audi bmw and nissan. None have ever cracked or chipped like this car has. In my life i have owned more than 20 vehicles and dont remember getting 3 chips and one ghost crack after only 2 years of ownership. Mb needs to really find a fix for this and quick. Im scarred to pay all this money to have it done again in 2 months! Smh

  12. I am reading these comments regarding Mercedes windshields and I am very concerned. I owned 3 different Lexus over the past 12 years and drove for a living being in sales. In all of my years driving the road everyday I never once had to replace a windshield and believe me I was hit by rocks many times. I bought a certified preowned Mercedes in 2015 and you guessed it the first week I was on the freeway and hit by a rock and my windshield got a star crack. I took it into Mercedes and they were able to patch it for me. A few months later while driving I must have been hit by a rock I didn’t even hear a thing and my windshield is cracked from one end to the other. I thought initially when I got hit the first time that this windshield was flawed and after reading all of the comments on this site now I’m sure of it.

  13. I have a 2004 S430 that I bought in Fla. 3 years ago. On my first drive out of the place where I bought it (I was driving out of state) 4 hours into my drive I noticed a tiny star like chip in windshield. Had spent all my $ on car so had no choice but to leave it alone. That was in July 15’, then in January 16’ with the car sitting in the driveway (now in Nj.) I cleared off snow from it and the windshield was cracked top to bottom across passengers side. Then a year later another crack just while sitting in my driveway started out of nowhere. The car had not been driven in months, so I didn’t hit anything, nothing came and flew into the windshield either. In the time I’ve had this car it’s been hardly driven because of other issues it’s had so after reading all the other comments I really think the Mercedes glass IS defective. I’ve owned numerous cars,vans and trucks and been driving over 40 years and this is the first windshield I’ve ever had this happen to. Now after reading all this I’m afraid to even spend the $$ to replace it. First I can’t afford to do it at the dealer and then if I replace with Safelite which is what I was planning, now from reading previous comments I may have more issues and warnings with this car than I already have. I’m so tired of looking at my dashboard and seeing all the alerts on it. Plus then I have to worry about another crack! It’s ridiculous when I hear their commercials. I guess it’s “not the best or noting” it’s the most expensive!

  14. Does truly seems we are all into some serious Mfg defect. I am also on my 3 windshield on our 2016 GL450. I recall a recent business meeting with Daimler Trucks USA in which they offer as an improvement to fleet operators of their heavy trucks that the windshields were modified by making the outer pane of the safety glass thicker to reduce the break incidents on 2018 and newer heavy truck models. I am thinking that to reduce weight/cost Daimler may had reduce the thickness of their windshields. Thus the high failure rate we are all experiencing. Some mention on this thread class action lawsuit I am not sure but….

  15. i just bought my first MB GLA300 2018 on Friday, driving it home from dealer a very small rock barely hit it and i have a chip on my new car, i have drove Audi. Lexus, GMC and other. had never had a crack or chip. i am reading all these comments and they have me thinking if i made a mistake.

  16. I took my vehicle to Mercedes Benz for a A5 service and on collection of the vehicle on the same afternoon, the windscreen had a large crack. I immediately reported the problem to the gentleman that did the service and he apologized and promised to report the incident the following day to the manager. The manager later informed me that it is nobody’s fault that this happened and it could have also happened while the vehicle was at my residence and basically informed ne that i should report this to my insurance. I disagree with this and feel that the company should replace the windscreen.

  17. Wow.
    I have a 2000, S500 and I noticed a couple of pings, but nothing serious.
    Last week a hit happened and the crack is the size of an incomplete silver dollar in the center of the windshield.
    Any advice?

  18. My 2015 S550 is at the dealer while under warranty – the windshield had minor pitting from normal driving until yesterday when it cracked while parked outside- I believe the glass is defective- mb is giving me a very hard time accepting responsibility. I have not reported it to the insurance company yet but this thread shows me I will have to.

  19. A rock cracked the windshield on my 2014 GL450. Mercedes dealer doesn’t bill directly to GEICO and windshields are not covered by MB warranty.

    GEICO (via Safelite) will pay a total of $288 for $1439 for OEM glass. The GIECO agent said they only reimburse for OEM glass if its within the first two years of manufacture date. Even though Mercedes requires OEM glass for their warning systems to operate properly.

    Now for the best news of all. My extended warranty expires at the end of the year. My Mercedes dealer quoted me $25,000 for a 4 year/48,000 mile warranty. That’s outrageous.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Mercedes Benz cars and SUVs are designed to be disposed of after about 8 years. There are very few Mercedes for sale that are over 8 years old. Years ago Mercedes were know for their engineering. Not anymore. MB dealer recently quoted $525 to replace the fuel filter! Good engineers would not design a vehicle that would require hours of labor to replace a fuel filter. This is outrageous.

    Here’s another example, the motor mounts went out on our 2012 E350 at 41,000 miles. So I google it and sure enough a bunch of E350 owners have the same problem. The auto industry hasn’t had problems with motor mounts wearing out for decades. What is wrong with MB designers?

    Mercedes has lost its direction. Once more people see how their pricing/warranty model is just a scam to force people to upgrade to new vehicles their entire business model will end.

    Its too bad, the cars are nice to drive but its not worth getting ripped off.

  20. I own a 2017 MB Metris cargo van. 6 months later with only 25,000 KM, a stone hit the windshield on the highway and caused a crack across the windshield half way across. Ok that was just bad luck I thought.
    Just today July 09,18. Working on a site with the car siting on driveway, I come out and find a large crack from the passenger side from top to bottom that curves?? How can this be? At less than 50,000km with 2 cracks, I thought that there must be something wrong with these cheap windshields and found this blog describing a familiar theme. Never had this problem with Honda or Toyota. I would usually have 1 to 2 cracked windshield within 500,000 to 800,000km due to a lot of driving and not to the extent of how the cracks become so large. This is absolutely ridiculous for a high end car that is build like a piece of crap tin can!!

  21. I have a 2013 glk. I am on my 4th windshield. It has 2 big crazy ks and about 6 chips. These are from small rock dings. After all of these post, surely Mercedes has to know there is a defect in their windshields. What recourse should we take to get better safer windshields?

  22. I have a 2018 cla250 i have had this car for 1 month and 2 weeks after I had my car a rock hit my windshield and caused a peck i called safelite they patched the peck
    2 weeks later i recieved another peck but this one split so disappointed i have driven a hyundia for 10 years and never had this problem with windshield issue. Paying as much money for a mb and have this much issue with cheep windshield is crazy.

  23. I have a E400 2017 mercedes. I had my car detailed in 2016 and when I got the car back, I noticed what looked like smudges on my windows. I said something to the service person and he proceeded to try and get what looked like smudges off the windows. There were other things that went wrong with the inside of my car but the main point I want to talk about is the windshields. I thought the smudges were gone but when I left out of the garage the sunlight showed the smudges were not gone so I called back after I left and told them about and scheduled another appointment. When I returned to fix the problem, the service person tried again. He then called out his manager who got on the inside of my car and said the thousands of specs that you see in the windshield will never come off. He said the only thing you can do is let us replace the windshield. I told him that is what I wanted. he told me he would order a windshield and when it comes in he will have the service person to contact me to bring the car in and they would have a loaner for me. I waited and waited for the call that I never got and when I tried called and left several messages, I received not return calls. I escalated the issue because these thousands of specs on my windshield are blinding when driving at a certain angle when the sun hits them and actually momentarily blinds you while driving which is a very frightening experience. I try to only drive the car when it is a cloudy or looks like an overcast day. When the sun is out, I am on pins and needles. I had 6 different auto and glass companies that don’t know each other to look at the specs all over the windshield and they told me to take the car back to the dealer because they had never seen anything like it and there are no indications from the looks of the car that anything hit the car or debris hit the car. It seems to be between the glass. You can even see these glittering specs on the side windows too. Merceds Benz Dealer reginonal manager said that the defects in the windshield were caused by pebbles in the road while I was driving. and stated that my headlights and portions of my hood paint had the same nicks that my windshield had in it.. He used this as support for his statement that the thousands of sparkles in my windshield were caused by the same thing that he said caused thousands of nicks in my windshield. No one saw any nicks on headlights and hood and this is the first thing they looked at after seeing my windshield to see if their were any nicks on my hood and there were not. This is why the 6 people who saw it could not understand what caused it and told me to take it back to the dealer. Now you know what mercedes benz is saying. Any information or experts on manufacturers defects who will inspect this and be willing to testify about this matter. If you have any info on what I can do about this, let me know. Also let me know if I am the only one with this problem and if not, what did you do about it and did you get a resolve in the matter? Thanks.

  24. This is very strange, but my Mercedes just got a crack that spread fast after a rock hit it in the highway. My friend told me she has replaced the windshield in her Mercedes at least three times in two year. This has to be faulty product!

  25. I feel so discouraged after reading all the problems with MB windshields. I have a 2015 GLA250, and the same problem that everyone else is experiencing. A rock hit my windshield a few days ago, and I watched the crack expand before my very eyes. I am now afraid to have it repaired because of what others have encountered.

    If anyone decide to file a class action, count me in. I believe the quality of Mercedes have dropped tremendously over the years. I have 62,000miles on my car, and have experienced more problems with this vehicle than any other car in the history of cars I purchases over a period of 57 years.

  26. Just purchased a 2018 GLE 350 on Friday 8-31. Today is 9-4 and I already have 2 racks in my windshield. Mind you, I turned in a 2016 GLE For this new one. There were several cracks in that window but I chalked it up highway driving. I’m starting to think these are thin faulty windshields that will chip with the slightest pebble. That’s why they push that windshield repair plan when they sell you the vehicle.

  27. We recently bought a 2006 Sportsmobile Sprinter Van with a Mercedes Engine. It had a small crack in the windshield that is now larger. We have also gotten small dings in the glass since we’ve owned it, from the smallest of rocks. I am surely seeing the pattern in the stories above, but what does everyone recommend? If not Mercedes glass… just any after market glass?
    Thank you

  28. My Mercedes automatic wipers never worked properly (much too fast for current condition), until I had a non oem windshield installed. Now they finally work perfectly!

  29. I’ve owned 4 Mercedes and this is the first crack of any size I have gotten. Currently I own a 2016 GLE350 and a 2015 C300. The C300 has a crack about 3 inches long. That car mostly sits in the driveway so I was surprise to see the crack. I figure it was from an acorn that fell on it. I’ve seen many comment that they are paying over a $1000 to replace at the dealer, they are charging me $783. The windshield has the rain sensors. I expected them to tell me $2000, so I was happy when I found it wasn’t. I don’t know if Mercedes put crappy windshields or not but out of 4 I’ve owned, this is the first time.

  30. The issue of OE vs aftermarket glass for Mercedes has always been a big subject for drivers. The dealerships, including all manufacturers will push their products as much as possible, and you can’t blame them for it. Selling car parts is more lucrative than the sale of the vehicle itself. As for the issue if the quality of the glass is efficient, the glass industry as a whole question the weight and use of electronic equipment attached to the glass and the amount of strain it may put on the windshield. This is a factor that should be considered when the glass manufacturer does not consider the weight of the equipment and only produces glass recommended by DOT for air bag safety.

  31. I just had my windscreen for my GLC250 replaced by O’briens – i assume it’s genuine because it has the signature againe, however now i have 2 demister lines on the right hand side. I’m sure these weren’t on the original. Does anyone else have these?

  32. Great blog here. I have an ML 350 2014 and after 2 years was beginning to think it was one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. A couple of months ago a small rock hit my windshield and caused a star crack, but I haven’t fixed it yet. I don’t think my insurance will pay for it. I own the car so I have minimal coverage with maximum deductible. I came here looking for an answer to that problem.
    Instead I found interesting talk about how Mercedes is such a bad product. Coincidence because I feel the same about BMW. I’ve had a number of them dating back to about ’87 or so. I’ve had 5 series, 7 series, and the last one was a 2004 745i. That was the last one and the deal killer. The valves were a smoking nightmare. The bearings and sleeves were making noise. And the piston rings fell apart while the whole system was actually dripping oil out of the rear of the engine, no holes or anything, just natural vents leaking oil. I junked it for $500 with 125,000 miles on the odometer. I can’t count the many thousands of dollars I put into the car on repairs. I don’t want to think about it.
    To be fair, my earlier beemers were actually good cars. But that last one lived true to the beemer’s most recent reputation as junk. I have heard that the BMW engineers have engineered these cars to last just that long and not much longer than 150,000 miles to replacement. I am here to tell you I believe these stories to be true. And if Mercedes is now doing the same thing, I will now start what I have long sworn never to do – buy Japanese. JohnO

  33. E400 2017 got a small chip which now runs across.Within 4 weeks of purchase.
    It for sure is not good quality.
    Have owned Honda before had to replace glass only once in 10 yrs.

  34. Well, it looks as though I’ve joined a growing number of consumers who are suffering from the same problem with MB glass. I purchased a new 2015 gla 250 in February 2016 for my wife on Valentines Day. The vehicle has 4,000 miles on the speedometer and is mainly garaged. We took the vehicle out of the garage the other day to go Christmas shopping and found a crack that runs from the dash below the lower passenger side at a 45○ angle for approximately 8 inches. We took it to our dealer and the service manager agreed that it was not due to external damage, but stated it was a stress crack. He called mbusa and since the warranty was no longer in effect offered a good will of $500 towards replacement. I contacted mbusa a filed a report with consumer affairs. We are waiting for a reply.

  35. I took delivery of my 2019 SL 450 in October. It has 500 miles on it. The windshield has many small
    imperfections in the glass only visible in direct sunlight. My salesperson saw it and took the car to
    the service manager. They cleaned it inside and out to no avail. Later that day I got a call indicating that this is not an isolated problem and the dealership is notifying Mercedes USA about the issue.
    An independent glass specialist said it is most likely a contamination problem in the laminate during
    the manufacturing of the glass. She said this is definitely a warranty issue. I have confidence in this dealership to make it right. They have there own glass installers so they know the product.

  36. I have a 2015 GLK 250 Diesel and I’m on my second windshield. The first time were two small rock hits and we were having other work done so we had the windshield replaced. it’s been 6 months and I was in traffic and literally heard and watched the crack climb up 3 ” from under my wiper blades, then turn left and travel about 7 “. Took to the dealership and of course they found a tiny “hit” and said “well it must have just hit at the right spot”. I questioned the quality of the windshield but they insisted it just “hit at the right spot”. But our more pressing issue is that our “check engine light” has been on for several months now. We have been told there is not fix by one dealership, our dealership has been trying everything to fix it. They even ordered a new catalytic converter from Germany that took 6 months to get here! They put it on last week and the check engine light was still on. Going back in this week to try other things. Ready for Mercedes to buy this car back from me….so discouraged.

  37. Mines one of the best yet I think, I was washing my car one night a Mercedes c300 I recently got, in the process of drying it off I picked up the wind shield wiper to dry and clean underneath them I set one down just fine the other on the way down some divine way pops off leaving the wiper in my hand I hear a smack come across the wind shield I look at the base where the wiper (without the wiper blade) hit the wind shield and cracked it. The glass is trash completely. I’ve hit birds in a Toyota 4Runner and done less damage than my own windshield wiper!

  38. I bought a 2015 C-300 pre-owned from a mercedes dealer in Aug’18. Everything was good for 5 months with no issues.
    A small stone hit on my windshield yesterday while driving on a highway. I think it was coming from a U-haul truck going in front of me. I do have a CPO warranty but I don’t think it covers windshield damanges.
    I am not sure how to proceed in finding the best, safe and economical solution. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    1. The easiest way is to search for a replacement company. Simply type in your zip code here and we’ll provide you with instant quotes from any reputable providers in your area. You can then book with them easily through our site!

  39. Bought a brand new GLA 250 4 Matic in May 2015. In May 2017 I got a chip from a rock and it spiderwebbed, only about an inch wide. Safelite fixed it, a month later it cracked across the windshield from sitting in the sun. Had my MB dealer replace the windshield. Yesterday (Jan 2019) I was in my car (driving in the city all day) parked in a spot and the windshield cracked across the front about 10”- 14” long.

    I’ve been driving for 26 years with lots of highway driving. Have had one Volvo, two Nissan’s & a Mini Cooper (husbands) I’ve been in sales for 12 years and my first 14 years of driving the car was parked outside. Never ever got a crack, even with chips never became a crack. I’ve had a MB for almost four years and I’m on my 2nd windshield.

    There is definitely a theme here. Last Mercedes I ever buy…

  40. I also have the same problem with my GLK 350, 2015. November, 2018 I got star crack on my windshield from a small stone. December after waiting 3 weeks for the new windshield to come to our local Mercedes dealership it was replaced only to get another crack about 10” starting from the top with no visible evidence of a contact with any foreign objects at the end of January. The technishion response was that there is an obvious impact and they can’t do anything about it and I need to pay in full for another windshield and installation. I guess he has a magic glasses that can see things that are not visible for others. However, I do agree that Mercedes needs to do something about it. This is not a one day car and we can not replace windshield every time we get hit by a flying particles or the temperature falls below. That is not acceptable.

  41. I just bought a pre-owned ml350. Sitting in the driveway after the first snow the windshield cracked. The next storm cracked again this time a big spider crack top to bottom. I read that Mercedes glass is harder and more brittle than any other manufactures and were designed that way to provide a clearer vision. This is crazy!!! I see why they say there’s no defect since they intentionally decided cracking was ok… disappointed. Personally, I’m not going to have it replaced by a dealer and go down the rabbit hole again and again.

  42. I bought a 2012 MB CLS 550 back in FEB of 2017. Fell in love with this car when I first saw it. It had low miles and drives like a dream. I have put some money in needed maintenance which was expected. Nothing to really make a big deal about it till my windshield got hit from stone on the highway. pretty sure it was the car in front of me that did it. Now here comes the issue, called my insurance company GEICO about replacing my windshield. First I did my research on it OEM vs Aftermarket. My concern was my vehicle had rain sensor, lane change, etc and that aftermarket would ruin their functionality. So I made some calls around and everyone agreed that aftermarket would cause issues with the system . I called GEICO and if you haven’t guessed by now, they said that they go through this glass maker company in Miami-Dade Florida called Global something who they received verification that the after market glass works fine and would not compromise my systems. Now why is it that everyone I called, even shops that do foreign car and don’t install windshield glasses say to go with the OEM. So I went with common sense and went with the OEM. Geico of course didn’t like that. The windshield was $987.49 and Geico covered only $457.67 which left $529.82 and with my $500. deductible end up end up costing me out of pocket $1029.82. After hearing all these issues concerning MB windshield and the brand overall, this may be my last MB.

  43. Got a C220 CDI 2007 with 130,000 km, of which 10,000 are mine. One little stone caused a 6″ crack. Am worried how much that is going to cost me here in Western Australia, even using non-OEM glass.

  44. 2015 550S in Tucson has had 5 windshields (4 replacements OEM) I-10 has had much long-term roadwork resulting in much public outcry regarding windshield damage. I went about a year without a rock strike but now another replacement. There is definitely a Mercedes windshield problem, reading all the complaints. I previously had a 2004 500S and replaced no glass in the 5 years on I-10. Now I am using a slower route that bypasses I-10.

  45. OMG! I have 2 Mercedes Benz I bought both brand new. Got a GLC in 2017 for my wife, 2 cracks already. I got myself a 2018 SLC 300 3 cracks already. I’ve had Mercedes in the past a 2013 C class and got 2 cracks. Prior to that, I had an Audi and VW concurrently for 10 years not A SINGLE CRACK! I drive freeways a lot. I am worried about this as it’s just ridiculous. Before you fix a crack another happens. It is insane and it is enough to say bye to the automaker. Seriously! I know our freeways can be a haven for finding couches, bbq grills, mattress, clothes, spare tires, enough junk to furnish a studio loft and as such these windshields should be able to stand the test of time (3 years). After reading this thread I realize I am not alone. Someone said class action, I think it’s time.

  46. I am on second windshield in less than a year for my 2017 GLC300. Actually was searching web for ‘MB windshield problems’ when I found this site. Has to be a manufacturing defect. 40+ years driving (Volvos, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet) and only one chip that was repaired never replaced. MB cracks appear rapidly and are from top to bottom and have to be replaced. UGH.

  47. I have a 2016 E400 and i’m on my third windshield in two years and we had to replace the windshield on the 2018 GLE already. These windshields don’t seem to be able to take even the smallest hit. Had 10 BMW’s 4 infinities, and 1 volvo. I never had to replace a windshield on any of those cars. They got nicked and the glass guys fixed them. Come on MB look into this issue. The slightest nick seems always to result in a crack across the windshield. Maybe the glass is being stressed in the wrong way during the manufacturing process?

  48. I am about to pick up my 2017 E300 from the Mercedes dealership tomorrow – second cracked windshield in two and a half years – over $2,000 to replace. My prior Mercedes E550 had three replacement windshields due to cracks. My relatively bargain priced Jeep Latitude has zero cracks, zero replacements. There is a problem with Mercedes windshields. No more Mercedes for me.

  49. I’ve had my GLA250 for a little over two years and have had to replace the windshield TWICE now due to cracks from debris/gravel during freeway driving. Absolutely absurd! Like many others here, I’ve owned a variety of other vehicles in my lifetime and have NEVER dealt with a cracked windshield. I promise you this: if it happens a third time, I’m trading it in. Period.

  50. my pitbull headbutted the passenger front windshield while barking at a dog and he cracked it. now i have a star crack that must be replaced.

  51. I own a 2014 B250 with 110,000 kilometres (66,000 miles) on it. The windshield was perfectly fine until about 2017 (two years ago). I had a rock hit that left a big 2″ circle of glass damage. Since it wasn’t affecting my driving vision, I decided to let it go. After the first rock hit, my windshield seems to have lost all resistance to damage. Even the smallest of rocks leave damage. I now have had at least five ‘hits’ even though I only drive on paved highways. Two of the hits have been spot repaired by one of those mobile glass repair kiosks which have helped to stop cracks from spidering. Now I’m at the point where it is necessary to replace the entire windshield. Due to my complete lack of faith in the Mercedes ‘special’ windshields, I’m very tempted to take my chances on a bargain brand.

  52. 24 yrs installing glass in vehicles all windshields have to conform to D.O.T. stadards as far as safety concerns. it has and can only be a certain thickness, this is also for safety all windshields now days are laminated, meaning 2 pieces of very thin glass with plastic in between which is for safety to hold you in but also flex in an accident and keeps the amount of broken pieces lower. I think the thickeness is only 1 mm. Ok.i am guessing most not all the people above live in California lol. Rocks are everywhere some w/s are just at the perfect hit area and some just have the rocks hit and will deflect and some like a jeep wrangler. You get me? Ok bye.

  53. From Houston area and was on the highway yesterday – MB GLC 300 SUV- and D.O.T concrete truck was in from of me – it was far and a hard rock hit my windshield and cracked 12 inches -I followed the struck and took pictures and we were on Toll Road so will have all the proof. Does anyone know if I can put a claim thru. I did call and leave all my info. Hope they call me …but it’s a big hope!

    1) I called the dealer and the cost is 1200.00- all the other places are quoting me $500-$800
    2) My deductible is $1000.00 – Will my premiums go up. Can companies subrogate for Comp claims

    Any guidance – I am tight on money but I want everything to work

  54. I bought a GLA250 in 2017. There was a crack covered by Sales label so we didn’t see it until we drove on the way home (after the Sale label was removed). They obviously wanted to hide the crack. We went back to request a replacement and OEM one. The dealer refused. I was pissed and then I requested for return or replacement of the car. They finally agreed to replace windshield with OEM one.

    Couple days ago, the windshield was hit by a small rock when I was driving . It was chipped and has long cracked. Seeing all the comments really worries me. Looks like the windshields are not reliable!

    Count me in if anybody wants to file a class action. I’m planning to share this thread to FB!

  55. I have same MB windshield problem. I just bought a GLC300 last end April. Yesterday night, I found a crack on passenger’s side about 6 inches. I even didn’t hear anything from a rock hit. This morning, the crack have been longer while the car was just parked in garage overnight. I’m sure that Something is going wrong with MB windshield quality.

  56. I have a 2018 GLA . A very tiny rock cracked my windshield ,that bounced off the road. Within a few weeks the little crack, spread across my windshield right at my eye level. I was very surprised to see that such a small rock would cause my windshield to crack. My insurance is giving me the run a round and Mercedes price is over $900 my part and labor. I am so frustrated. I got a quote from a non Mercedes shop , which is about $500, but after reading these comments , I am a little nervous about using some one besides Mercedes.

  57. I own an older Mercedes Sprinter that has only 80,000 miles on the clock and is first owner. Besides the fact that the windshield seems more crack (and star) prone than that of other brands, the crazy matter is that while passing other traffic something started making very loud explosive sounds.

    We finally figured out that the original windshield was coming unglued top and bottom and was moving in and out with air pressure changes which was causing these loud bangs. We had to secure it with duct tape to safely finish our trip…

  58. I have a 2017 GLC AMG 43 and 2018 S460 and BOTH had vertical cracks extending through the windshields, so long that they BOTH required replacement, which was done by the MB dealership and were replaced by genuine MB windshields. decal and all! (The cracks just appeared without my knowledge of any provocation). Ten days after the GLC windshield was replaced the windshield received another small bullet sized crack – fortunately? this could be repaired by Safelite. Two months after the 2018 S460 replacement – something hit the windshield and luckily it only required a small Safelite repair. TWO relatively new cars, TWO new windshields, TWO Safelite repairs in less than 6 months. After reading all of these complaints – I see that I am not alone. I just called the MB customer care line and reported my concerns. He said he could forward the information to the powers that be -but could not guarantee a response. He directed me to the website – to voice my complaint, and I “might have a better chance for a response”. I have owned Mercedes Benz autos since 1980 and have NEVER had a problem – one car was 30 years old when I sold it. Original windshield. I am going to get to the bottom of this and report this issue to my insurance company.

  59. I have a 2015 E250 Bluetec CPO. I purchased with 34k. The windshield had sanding specs when the sun was just right. Dealer tried sanding them out but only helped some. They installed a new Mercedes windshield . After another 10k the sand specs appeared again when the sun is just right. Very hard to see through. We have not been in any dust storms or snow storms . Dealer says Mercedes does not have any problems with windshields.
    Also my parking brake does not release all the way every time. .You have to pull it hard the second time for it to release all the way. Dealer says there is no update. They have replaced it twice before.

  60. I read t his column because, guess what, I have a small 3″ crack extending from a rock hit half an inch from the edge of my 2001 S500 benz below the steering wheel. Glass people tell me it is the original factory glass and this is the first time it has been marked at all. Tomorrow I am driving it 80 miles round trip to the most experienced crack fixer I found to get it fixed. I don’t want a new windshield because you guys have convinced me that MB cut corners on glass as some point including their replacement glass but I am thinking older models might be thicker or something.
    It seems odd that the “carcomplaints” website has almost no (one) complaint about windshields in it’s mercedes data base. They were right on in calling my Ford explorer for every problem and naming it worst car to own.
    BTW whoever said MB engineers should not make fuel pumps that are hard to put in: they are not hard. I have merely removed the RR tire of my 2001 S500 and done it in a parking lot. They are ripping you off. What else is new huh?

  61. I’ve seen some good points and I have seen some bad points. I am a senior autoglass technician who assistant manages an autoglass shop. I have seen thousands of rock chips, and it doesn’t matter if the glass is OEM or aftermarket. Allow me to explain.

    First of all – there are standards in place for windshield safety nation-wide.
    Every windshield, aftermarket or OEM, must meet minimum required safety standards when entering the country. This includes thickness, weight and dimensions. An aftermarket windshield is no less safe than an OEM windshield

    Secondly, aftermarket options CAN and WILL have all the same technology options available. We CANNOT use the incorrect part in any vehicle – but we are still in business! Sometimes it takes us a couple of tries to locate and source the right windshield, but we will tell you if OEM is your only option.

    Thirdly, glass is GLASS. It breaks. It happens! You all are here because you have the same problem, not because all mercedes have bad glass. It’s like going to a furry convention and saying everyone in the world is a furry.

    Fourth and finally – aftermarket glass is not perfect. There are small deficiencies – THIS IS A FACT. However, any retailers that sell aftermarket glass WILL have a warranty for these deficiencies. These include: Slight misplacement of mounting brackets, minor distortions in glass, or even minor cosmetic failures in the black frit pattern.

    When comparing aftermarket glass to OEM glass, the OEM is better for sure; just not by double to triple the price margin.

    My suggestion – just get aftermarket glass, but make sure whoever you choose to install it has a generous warranty policy. It will save you money and honestly be just as good for the basic consumer. Don’t let big auto manufacturers scare you into using their parts. You DO have options and every choice has pros and cons.

    To me, it seems like a lot of Mercedes drivers are in too much of a hurry and follow too closely behind traffic. Take your time and enjoy the ride in your luxury vehicle!

  62. Bought brand new Mercedes GLE 43 AMG in December 2019 and I am on my THIRD that’s right, my third windshield. This in not from chipping or cracking but from major distortions in all of them. It causes eye strain, nausea, and headaches and is extremely unsafe to drive. It is like wearing prescription glasses when you do not wear glasses. I noticed it on the first day I received the vehicle but did not want to tell my husband because I did not want to complain. Without mentioning it to him, he and my daughter got in and took it for a spin. As soon as they got out the said “something is majorly wrong with that windshield”. I called dealership and brought it in a week later with only 200 miles on it . The service manager got in and was back out within 10 seconds and said he didn’t know how I was even driving it and that he “never wanted to get in that car again”. The dealerships and Mercedes are aware that it is a problem and have been replacing it under warranty. BUT so far all 3 windshields have the same problem. They said they will reimburse me if I want to try a non OEM at Safelite to see if that takes care of the problem. It is definitely a Mercedes windshield specific issue. I have filed a lemon law claim under the Texas DMV site and will try to get it fixed one more time, if that does not work, then I will have to get rid of the vehicle. I encourage others experiencing the same problem to also report under lemon laws. These are national laws and if enough are reported they can issue recalls. This is just not safe to drive. Wish I would have known about this before making such a major purchase.

  63. Now I get it! I am going to have to sell my 2016 S550. Bought brand new in June 2016 and I have had to change it twice and fixed a big crack 4 times. The problem is they can not be fixed. They crack again. That means my car has gone through 3 Windshields already all OEM windshields until the last one which is after market. Now even that one is now cracked again. Fixed it and the next day crack opened again. Autoglass repair guy told me he would come to fix it when it extends beyond the edge of the previous crack. It did and he just told me well I will have to change it.The problem is the crack snakes up if you put your windshield warmer on which means if I don’t change the Windshield I can’t drive it in the winter months. I would have said once sold I will never buy a Benz product again. The problem is I already bought a 2018 AMG Gtc. Again brand new. It has had stone strikes but no chips. Clearly stronger glass and less defects. It doesn’t have all the jazz in the S550 embedded in the Windshield so hopefully…But common Benz should be very ashamed of their Engineers and after sales care teams. It’s like they are not monitoring what customers have issues with! Mind you, I have driven a few other brands. Lexus GS, BMW 535i , Range rover Sport, Chrysler 300c and Grand cherokee SRT and never realized Winshields needed changing. Even with smaller brands like Mistubishi, peugot 505 and VW Passat cars we have owned. No Windshields changed.

  64. After reading all these comments, I am surprised that I have not yet heard about a class action suit or recall for MB windshields. My GLK 350 Windshield has a crack. A very small stone hit the windshield and a tiny minuscule prick appeared. Within weeks that prick became a long horizontal crack of about 20 inches. I don’t even remember seeing anything that caused it. It just grew longer and longer from the tiny prick the small rock created. Before this MB I drove a Toyota for over 15 years and never once had a single issue with the windshield. I got here because I was trying to find out the best course for getting it repaired/ replaced. Imagine the disappointment in MB!

  65. I’ve been a car owner/driver for 46 years and never had to replace a windshield! I have the MB E350 – was driving 35 mph in a residential area got hit with something – I guess a rock flew up- and it split the windshield in like an L shaped 1/4 to 1/3 of the length of the top.
    State Farm doesn’t want to pay what the part is worth- saying they just want to replace it- but now reading the comments- I am wondering what’s up with MB!!
    Please include me in any lawsuits. Thank you bb at cinci dot rr dotcom

    1. There is a recall as of 3-19-2021 and it’s suppose to start 5-14-2021. Recall #21V197000 Roof and Pillars check it out.

  66. I found this thread after searching for info on how to convince GEICO, after having been a loyal customer for over 33 years (and never ever having to have a windshield replaced) to pay for an OEM part because my E350 warrants it for my safety. This whole thread has left my head spinning. I’m not going to be able to sleep. I don’t know if getting OEM at this point is going to be better, and if the fight is worth it. 🙁 I’ve owned MB’s since I was 21 years old, and that’s 45 years of Mercedes Benz ownership. I guess I’ll be filing for divorce from MB and looking for a new car brand to live out the rest of this life. LOL, What’s that new car I keep seeing…Genesis…hmm?

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