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Smart Home Technology Takes Off

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These days, it’s not just our phones that are “smart.” From cars to appliances to the entire household, it seems like everything is getting smarter—and that includes windows and doors. More than 75 percent of contractors regularly receive requests for smart home installations or service. And with demand expected to increase, you’ll likely find that your local window and door installers are even starting to specialize in this field.

Smart Home Technology

Having more window and door installers involved is also a good thing for the many homeowners who are starting to shift away from the DIY-mode and toward a do-it-for-me way of thinking. In fact, a growing number of contractors say they get requests for smart-home installations and services at least once a month, while others receive requests weekly or even daily.

What the Experts Say

Here’s how some home professionals, including window and door installers, see the move toward smart home technology evolving:

  • There has been a definite surge in smart home service requests, with many of these service professionals saying they’ve gotten even more smart home-related calls in the last year compared to previous years.
  • With the increase in whole-home connectivity products, homeowners also are finding new opportunities to integrate in the areas of security, landscaping, window and door installation, remodeling, handyman services, and design renovation, as well as traditional audio/video integration.
  • Homeowners are also taking their projects beyond just single-device installs of locks and other devices. Smart home technology is quickly becoming intrinsic to the renovation process. In fact, more and more professionals say homeowners are requesting smart home installations as part of larger remodeling projects. In addition, they also say non-smart home projects are often now leading to smart home projects at least half the time.

Your Windows and Doors

Advances and developments in smart home hardware and products, including window and door locks, is one area that’s helping fuel the growth in home automation. In fact, this market is on track to generate $9 billion in sales in 2017. Some of the most popular reasons to install smart home devices include increasing their home’s safety, improving accessibility, improving comfort and relaxation, and increasing home efficiency. There are professionals in the window and door industry who specialize in these unique products that are designed to serve all of those needs.

Smart home products can alert you when, for example, the windows and doors have been opened. Options also allow you to monitor your windows and doors easily with a smartphone or tablet via an app in real time. You can also work with a security provider for professional monitoring.

In addition to helping you feel secure, window and door companies also offer smart technology options that allow you to control the interior comfort level. Options are available, for example, that allow you to raise or lower between-the-glass blinds and shades.

The beauty around much of the smart home technology is that it can be monitored and controlled from your smart phone or tablet. Today’s in-home systems allow you to lock or unlock doors from your phone, even when you’re not there.

The incorporation of smart home technology means you have the ability to monitor and control many of the features within your home, including the smart windows and doors. You can do so through an automated, central system that you control through your own personal devices (smartphones and tablets). So, for example, when you’re away, you can program your lights to turn on, as well as the heating or cooling systems for your expected arrival time. You can do the same for when you will be away, programming the lights and/or heating and cooling to turn off at a certain time. In addition, you can lock and unlock doors remotely, or receive alerts that someone has arrived, providing an increased sense of security.

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Expect More Growth

The market for smart home installations is expected to continue growing. In fact, it hit about $20 billion in 2016, and could triple in the next ten years.

There could be some challenges, though, to smart home technologies becoming a common household feature. Some of the biggest barriers to wider use of these products are a lack of consumer knowledge; inadequate training and knowledge for home installation professionals; and figuring out how to market smart home installation services.

Challenges aside, having a smart, connected home is definitely something that’s becoming more desired and accessible for many. And the fact that it’s all easily accessible from a smart phone or tablet makes it even more appealing to those interested in whole-house connectivity.

If you’re ready to bring smart home technology to your own windows and doors, can help you find dealers and distributors in your specific area that can get you on your way to a more intelligent home environment.

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