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The Case of Scraping Paint Off of Windows

March 1, 2022

Question: Dear Glass Detective, I have been asked to take paint off of windows. The person said someone already tried and couldn’t do it. The paint has been on for years and the sun hits the windows hard. I know I will have to scrape, but is there a product that I can use and […]

Glass Railing Systems

February 18, 2022

The Case of the Reticent Railing Remodeler Dear Glass Detective, Would you please advise me whether to choose between laminated or tempered glass for a frameless glass railing system on my balcony in the 4th floor of a building? Will ½” glass be considered safe or should I ask for a thicker glass? I want […]

What is the Difference Between “R Value” vs. “U Value” of Glass

November 18, 2020

Question: What is the “R-Value” of Glass? Glass Detective, Can you tell me how to calculate the “R-Value” of glass based on its “U-Value”? I have an issue with a building inspector in my town based on energy codes, and my wall area must achieve a certain overall “R-Value” for me to get a certificate […]

New Windshield Breaks (Again) After Installation

June 5, 2019

Have you had two windshields break in a row right after a new installation? You're not alone. The Glass Detective discusses what might cause this and the next steps you should take to address the issue.

Insulated Glass Info

May 30, 2019

The Glass Detective takes on the case of The Inquisitive Insulation. What are insulating glass units and what are the benefits? The Glass Detective answers these questions along with what the industry standards are. Find out more!

The Case of Starphire Glass

January 17, 2019

The Glass Detective reflects on Starphire glass by discussing the benefits and drawbacks of using this high-definition mirror in your home. Read more to learn about low-e glass coatings, window film, and the resolution to the case of the Starphire glass.

Why Wasn’t My Lifetime Window Warranty Honored?

September 20, 2018

If you've been left high and dry by a company who promised a warranty and won't honor it, you're not alone. The Glass Detective is on the case and recommends some solutions for anyone in this situation. Read more here.

The Case of the Glass Canopy

July 10, 2018

The Glass Detective takes on the case of the Glass Canopy design and divulges secrets about designing glass canopies. Adding this unique feature to your own home? Check out his great insights.

The Case of the Glass Shield for Equipment

July 10, 2018

The Glass Detective takes on the case of the Glass Shield for Heavy Equipment. Certain heavy equipment may use layers of glass and polycarbonate to shield operators from heat and debris. Learn how to layer them for optimal protection.

The Case of the Best Insulating Window

June 28, 2018

The Glass Detective takes on the case of the best insulating window where he will determine which window types will offer both energy efficiency and noise reduction. Find out more here.