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How to Handle a Window or Door Warranty & Guarantee

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If you encounter a problem with a door or window in your home, the first step toward resolution is to look at the warranty you were given when you purchased the product. Maybe the product is under warranty and you are lucky. You call the door or window dealer and in a few weeks your problem will be corrected. Sadly, it’s not always that easy so here are a few steps to navigating through the process.

After looking at the warranty, and determining if you are still covered, contact the company from whom you purchased your windows. The only exception to this is if the dealer is out of business then you could contact the window or door manufacturer.

What Happens to a Warranty When the Company Closes?

Many door and window companies were forced to close due to the dramatic housing bust around 2007 and the years following, and unfortunately these customers were left with no one to handle their warranty claims. Luckily for some of these homeowners, a few companies may handle a claim for products that aren’t even theirs.

“When I used to do workshops, etc., I always would ask manufacturers if they have replaced a window that isn’t theirs and I almost always had one hand go up,” window expert Mike Burk told Door and Window Market magazine in 2010. “I’m always amazed by that. It’s like taking a Ford to a Chevy dealer.”

“It just comes down to doing the right thing,” said Dave Koester, for Weather Shield Windows and Doors in that same article. “When people buy windows, that’s a huge investment whether it’s on a new build or a remodel. Certainly that customer will talk to people when the job is done and hopefully [the customer is] happy.”

It’s this industry mentality that attracted Chip Gentry, lawyer at Carson Coil, to begin working closely with door and window companies. He says it all comes down to consumer perception and who they remember when it comes to their window jobs.

“I routinely see [instances] where a company replaces an entire new batch of windows [in which] there wasn’t a problem with the product, but rather [a problem with] the way the windows are integrated with the project,” he adds.

Handling warranty claims is a partnership between the manufacturer of the window and door product and the dealer who sold the window to you the consumer. Start with the window dealer and if they are unable to help you could approach the window manufacturer as well.

How Long Do Warranties Last/Do They Transfer to New Owners? 

The length of time a company stands behind its written warranty varies greatly. Many experts say 10 years is a minimal norm that many producers exceed. Still, warranty length is extremely variable within the market. In fact, you may have purchased a door or window that came with a lifetime warranty.

“It’s probably done more often than it’s not,” says Gentry.

Most manufacturers do transfer the warranty to the new owners if a house has been sold. Be sure to check the paperwork and ask this before closing if you are purchasing a previously-owned home.

Warranty Logistics

A warranty of 20 years for glass is fairly standard (10 years for non-glass parts), but always check the fine print.

Following are a few examples of warranties from different manufacturers and different materials that are offered within the industry:

  • Andersen Windows have a variety of window and door brands and offers an owner to owner limited warranty.
  • Several of Pella’s wood windows, for example, have a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Milgard offers a Full Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser of its windows and patio doors, which includes Tuscany Series, Montecito Series, Style Line Series, Ultra Series, Essence Series and Aluminum. Moving Glass Wall Systems are not included. “Milgard will repair or replace any defect in materials or workmanship and will pay the costs of all parts and labor for as long as the purchaser owns his home.”
  • Window World gets a little more specific and spells out the warranty for its vinyl windows. The vinyl parts warranty covers the vinyl components of the Warranted Product(s) and it says it “will not blister, peel, rot or corrode.” The mechanical parts warranty (locks, vent stops, balances) are warranted to be free from manufactured defects in material and workmanship. Replacements for any defective mechanical parts will be supplied at no charge. The insulating glass unit warranty protects against defects resulting in material obstruction of vision from film formation caused by dust or moisture in the dead air space of the unit for the life of the Warranted Product(s). If the glass unit fails, the company will provide the owner with a replacement insulating glass unit or sash at no charge. The glass breakage warranty covers a replacement insulating glass unit or sash in the event of accidental glass breakage. All labor necessary to correct any item covered by this warranty will be provided at no charge by the Company.

Purchasing Windows and Doors

If you are a consumer looking to upgrade your windows and doors, here a few things to keep in mind when evaluating the warranty.

  • The Good Housekeeping Seal. A few window and door companies have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. The Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) evaluates safety, performance, ease of use, durability and design. Good Housekeeping offers a two-year limited warranty on seal-bearing products, replacing, repairing or providing a refund up to $2,000 for any merchandise found to be defective. This warranty complements the warranty offered by the door or window company.
  • J.D. Power and Associates also conducts a Windows and Patio Doors Satisfaction Study and one of the factors they consider is the warranty. The company surveys more than 2,600 customers who purchased windows or patio doors in the previous 12 months. Companies can receive a total of one thousand points. This number represents overall performance based on five factors: appearance and design features; operational performance and durability; ordering and delivery; the price paid for products and services received; and warranty.

When researching door and window dealers and reading window warranty reviews, be sure to use the locator tool on to find the best provider near you.

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15 Responses

  1. I had just an incident which is not only a glass issue but a safety issue as well. 4 patio doors where purchased less than 3 years ago at home depot. The label said life time warranty. The doors were installed by a professional installer but we noticed that they had poor quality. Well, the had a sales price and in general we never had any problems with home depot.
    Shortly before Christmas 2019 one panel of the doors exploded in the night. The small little pieces stayed in the outside panel for a few days but once we had freezing rain the broke apart in thousand’s of small glass particles.
    We went to home depot to see if we could get at least a new door and after 2 weeks they told us that the distributor for the doors rejected the warranty because under their policy glass in a patio door does not fit in their warranty program. Not only is this still false advertisement on their webpage where it states that all windows and doors have life time warranty and the website doesn’t show any fine print to point out more to the warranty, but when I pointed out that this was not a normal window breakage the guy in charge pretty well gave me the cold shoulder.
    To this point I have no idea what will happen. I am afraid that the other panel will bust and I am also afraid now that the 3 other doors we have in the house may have a defect as well.
    What can I do? I tried many things but somehow don’t get to any higher person in any company who is involved in this patio door business.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Vimanny, you can check with the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) and the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI) to see if part of the code matches with any registered manufacturers that the organizations have on file.

  2. I need help submitting my request for window replacement using my warranty. I a smoked glass and the window needs to be replaced. Please advise on having a tech out replace the window.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      You’ll want to work with either the manufacturer, or the company that originally replaced the windows.

  3. I purchased Silverline 8500 series with lifetime warranty to original owner in 1998. 2 windows now have black spots on them. I contacted the supplier since the contractor is now out of business. Their reply was they no longer sold this window try the manufacturer…Silverline aka Ply Gem. Their website is down. I called the number of their company and cannot get a real person to help me. Their customer service says to call back during business hours even during those times. I am at a loss on how to get help.

    1. Hi Lori, many companies have been affected by COVID-19. We cannot confirm whether or not Ply Gem is one of them, but this could explain why you are not able to reach anyone. We suggest sending a message to them through their website contact form.

  4. I have alliance windows and they have fogged up inside They are 14 years old What can o do about replacing them?

    1. Hi Phil,
      Thank you for your question. According to Alliance Window Systems’ website, all of their windows are covered by their lifetime warranty. You can find a PDF on their website with more information about the warranty, and stipulations of filing a warranty claim.

  5. Allgood replaced all the windows in our home. We had a lifetime warranty on the windows and now 12 out the 13 windows that were replaced the gas has leaked out and they are foggy and not appealing. The company is now closed and we do not know who to contact for a warranty claim. We spent a fortune on window replacement and 10 years later looking to have them replaced again.

    1. Martha,
      Is Allgood the manufacturer of the window? Or did they just install the windows? Check to see if the windows are manufactured by a different company and if so, reach out to the manufacturer to see if they can assist you in obtaining replacements.

  6. I am trying to getting refused a warannty claim on 3 sealed units installed in 2002 , the Company is Vinylguard , have taken it up with the company president , first they told me that they had no record of my instalation company ever selling their windows , i tracked down the retired installer and he contacted them , now they say the reconize him , but he didnt include the purchase order number from Vinylguard on my bill of sale , no warrannty , they said they have no way of finding glass size , thickness etc , i told them that i will provide them with all detail , they just have to provide me with the new units , it states on the sales brochure from 2002 , which i have , a no nonsense best warantee in the business , Lifetime warantee

  7. Handling a window or door warranty can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start by reviewing the warranty you received when you purchased the product. If you’re still covered, contact the dealer or manufacturer, depending on the situation. In cases where the dealer has gone out of business, some manufacturers may step in to assist. It’s important to remember that companies should prioritize customer satisfaction and take responsibility for their products. Consumer perception plays a significant role, and reputable companies often go above and beyond to resolve issues. Warranty lengths vary, but it’s common to see warranties lasting around 10 years, with some offering lifetime coverage. Always read the fine print and clarify warranty transferability if purchasing a previously-owned home. For further information and assistance, visit, a helpful website in navigating window and door warranty matters.

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