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Where Can I Buy Inexpensive Wine Glasses?

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You’re hosting your first dinner party in your new home. Everything is perfect; the menu, the table, the flowers. That is until you realize your guests will be drinking their wine out of the jelly jars you’ve been using. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)

You need glasses, but your dinner party budget has hit its limit. Not to worry—this blog features suggestions on where to buy inexpensive wine glasses and some tips on what to look for – all on the low side of the price point scale. Read on.

How to Choose an Inexpensive Wine Glass

Like so many items, wine glass prices run the gamut, and the variety of styles can be daunting. However, here are four steps you can take to find the perfect, cheap wine glass:
1. Set a price range. “Inexpensive” wine glasses may mean something different to billionaires than it does to you and me.
2. To help narrow your search, start by deciding whether you want stem or stemless – or even a mix.
3. Don’t worry as much about whether you are serving white, red, or rosé. If this is your first set, buy universal wine glasses. Universal wine glasses are specifically designed to work well with all types of wine.
4. Just because you’re going cheap doesn’t mean your glasses have to look and feel cheap or lessen the taste of your wine. Look for a wine glass with a thin rim. This is one hallmark of a high-quality wine glass. The thinner the rim is, the more easily the wine will flow from the glass to your mouth, allowing you to experience the wine instead of the glass.
5. Consider durability and care. Maybe you’re buying inexpensive wine glasses so you can break them without caring. But this probably isn’t the case. There are plenty of affordable, durable wine glasses that can serve you well for years to come. For extra- easy care, look for those that are dishwasher safe.

Inexpensive Wine Glasses on

Boxed sets of wine glasses will generally have a lower per-glass price, and quantity does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. Wine glass sets can be as small as two glasses and as large as 16. An excellent website for wine glass sets with a lot of variety in styles (red/white, stemmed/stemless, well-known brand names) with great prices is

A fun way to get started for your new home is to select a few small sets so you have a variety for you and your guests. It also allows you to help you to decide what style you prefer. No need to spend a lot — or even a little — on stemmed glasses only to choose you like the look and feel of stemless. And remember, even Martha Stewart does not always use matching plates and glasses. Mixing and matching can be fun, and you will end up having glasses for all different wines.

We found this great stemless option that can be used for any wine and has a unique shape. At this price, you’ll have money to buy lots more wine:

ARC International Cachet 21 Ounce Stemless Wine Glass, Set of 4
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This stemmed wine glass option by Ikea is simple but elegant and, of course, inexpensive:

Red Wine Glass By Ikea- Set of 6, 10 oz
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Inexpensive Wine Glasses on Amazon

Not surprisingly, a search on Amazon for wine glasses will yield hundreds (maybe thousands) of low-cost options. So pack your patience and go with your gut, or you may just get overwhelmed.

On Amazon, you’ll find more than just your mother’s wine glasses. Are you looking for something different? Do you have a favorite color? Maybe you like patterns. You’ll probably find it all here.

We found a great deal on an excellent universal glass at a friendly price:

8 All-purpose wine glasses sit on a white counter with a white background. The glass in the front middle is filled with red wine. Another glass is fallen over to see inside the top of the glass. All-Purpose Wine Glass, Set of 8
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Outlets and Restaurant Supply Store Wine Glasses

Ever wonder where restaurants buy all their plates and glasses? If you’re looking to purchase full cases of wine glasses in bulk, this may be your best option. It used to be that only card-carrying members of the restaurant industry could shop at these locations. Since COVID, many have opened their doors to the public to beef up sales.

The wine glasses you will find will at these locations are not only cost-conscious, but they will also tend to be on the sturdy side. Restaurants break A LOT of glasses, and it is bound to happen at your house, too. (Think dishwasher mishaps, wagging pet tails, children.) The sturdier the glass, the longer it lasts. Check out the wine glasses at this restaurant supply store.

Outlets and thrift stores are another great option, whether online or brick and mortar. If you do have a favorite glass, see if the manufacturer has an outlet. They can be a bargain bonanza. I know someone that found a pair of Tiffany & Co. wine glasses at a thrift store for $2 each.

Congratulations! You have made it this far, so you’re probably ready to get started. Have a great time without spending a lot. Now…did you remember to pick up the dessert for that dinner party?

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