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Setting Up Your Account in 5 Easy Steps

Thanks for being a Affiliate!

When you signed up to become an Affiliate, our website walked you through the onboarding process. However, we understand that things happen and you might not have been able to complete the process—perhaps you were interrupted by a phone call or a customer. Or maybe it’s just time to make some updates. This guide will walk you through the steps it takes to completely set up your account for optimal success.

Complete setup of your account is imperative to ensure that you receive leads and that you receive them for the service that you offer, in the areas that you service. Not completing the setup of your account means you won’t be eligible to receive leads.

Tip: The more completely you fill out your account information, the better your chance of standing out against your local competition.

There are 5 main steps you’ll need to complete to set up your account. We’ve created a guide for each step. Complete steps 1-5 in the order below:

  1. Log Into Your Account
  2. Create a Company
  3. Specify Your Services
  4. Create a Location
  5. Create Your Service Area

Done! That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now you can sit back, relax, and wait for the lead notifications via email and/or text message (depending on your settings in step four).


If you simply need to make updates to your existing account, you can find help for common updates and Frequently Asked Questions in our Affiliate Resource Center.


Did you run into issues? Have a question that wasn’t answered by our guides? Send an email to or call 888-854-5277.

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