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What is Sunroof Detachment?

The Sunny Side of Sunroofs Sunroofs can be a great upgrade option for car owners looking to get a little more sunshine on their face and wind in their hair. Most everyone who has had a sunroof make it a must-have requirement for any of their future cars. Sunroofs have come a long way since […]


Why Does a Windshield Cost What it Does?

Why Does a Windshield Cost What it Does? A question we often receive is “How much does it cost to replace a windshield?” Unfortunately,  there isn’t a clear answer because there are many variables that will affect the cost of a windshield. The easy answer is “about $300” which is the average cost that consumers […]


The Use of Bulletproof Glass in Schools

In light of recent events the use (or lack thereof) of “bulletproof” glass in schools has come under fire. Let’s start by addressing the fact is that there is no such thing as bulletproof glass. What movies, the media, and pop culture commonly refer to as bulletproof glass is in fact bullet-resistant glass. Bulletproof would […]


How to Remove Stickers from Car Windows

  During the past decade bumper stickers have become less and less popular, while the popularity of putting stickers on a car’s backglass has grown tremendously. From stick figure families, to 5K races, and landmarks, these stickers give people a sense if individuality- showing other drivers what they’re passionate about- while at the same time […]


What Is Back Painted Glass and What are its Uses?

Back painted glass is a unique use of glass that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It is essentially exactly what it sounds like- glass that has been painted on the back side. That way, from the front side, the glass is no longer translucent, but instead a solid color. Uses of Back […]

Read More... Visits the Grand Canyon Skywalk

There are few views in America that can top that of the ancient Colorado River carving its way through thousands of feet of stone over millions of years in Arizona. The sight I’m referring to is the Grand Canyon—an immense 277 miles long and up to 18-mile wide geological formation. Seeing this incredible natural wonder […]


Saving Money with ENERGY STAR Rated Windows and Doors

What is ENERGY STAR? You’ve probably heard of ENERGY STAR and even seen the logo– Maybe on a new refrigerator or television. But do you know what it really means? ENERGY STAR was established by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 as part of the Clean Air Act to reduce pollution The goal was to […]


4 Easy Steps to Choosing a New Main Door Design

First impressions are everything. This doesn’t just hold true when meeting new people for the first time; your home makes a first impression too. Whether it’s guests for a dinner party, visiting family, friends, or potential buyers, your home’s curb appeal leaves a lasting impression. Does your home impress, or lack luster? Your home’s main […]


What’s the Difference between European Windows and American Windows?

Believe it or not, similar to fashion, Europe has long set trends for residential windows in the United States. If you’re in the market for new or replacement windows and want the latest and greatest, you may want to take a look at what window dealers in Europe are currently installing. So what are some […]


The Top 4 Myths About Sliding Patio Doors

Myths About Sliding Doors I can recall the sliding door in my grandparent’s home quite vividly- It was big, heavy, and got stuck in the track when trying to slide it open or closed. The lock had to be jiggled just right to set. And the frame itself was big, blocky and ugly, with hazy […]