Need Glass? Get Started Here: Operations Manager Speaks at Auto Glass Week 2017
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Daniel Snow, operations manager for, spoke at a seminar during Auto Glass Week regarding how companies can better reach millennial consumers. Snow gave key insights into the growing demographic who will soon outspend baby boomers in the marketplace. He pressed the importance of an online presence because that’s where the majority of the millennial generation goes to do business.


Video Transcript

“So, marketing to us, you need to be where we are. If you’re advertising on cable television, I hate to tell you but we don’t watch tv, we watch Netflix. We don’t listen to the radio, we listen to Pandora. So, you need to be where we are, and we’re online. We’re on social media; 65% of interactions now begin with customers online. 55% of people only use mobile devices to access social media, and I would say that number is pretty close to the amount of people actually simply just browsing the internet to begin with just using their phones. I know a lot of the friends that I have, they don’t even have desktop computers anymore. They just use their cell phones full time when they’re browsing the internet.”

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