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The Case of Laminated Glass Cutting

Question About Cutting Laminated Glass Hello Glass Detective, We have several pieces of laminated safety glass that we are rejecting from a manufacturer and they are trying to tell us laminated safety glass is very difficult to cut and get a perfect edge. So they are saying these chips on the edges and wavy edges […]


The Case of The Lexan Replacement

Question about replacing Lexan: Good afternoon, We have a Lexan window panel on one of our lathes, it has a sticker saying it must be replaced every 2 years. Could you tell me why so? Thanks Joe N. Ireland Answer to question about replacing Lexan: Joe, Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective regarding your […]


HGTV’s Fixer Upper Artisan, Dustin Anderson to Serve as Spokesperson of

Glazing expert from Waco, TX now the face of the nation’s leading consumer resource for glass replacement needs.     Washington, D.C. – Dustin Anderson is Chip and Joanna Gaines’ go-to guy when it comes to replacing windows, doors, shower enclosures, and all other things glass on their hit HGTV show Fixer Upper. Now, Anderson is […]


How Volcanoes Form Glass

Volcanoes have gotten a reputation as being destructive, especially with the most recent explosion occurring on the Big Island of Hawaii. And rightfully so—lava flows destroy trees, crops, neighborhoods and anything else in their way. But when one thing is destroyed, another is sometimes created. In this case, it’s glass. Yes, glass. Lava Lessons Magma […]


The Case of the Glass Wine Cellar Door

Question Regarding Glass for a Wine Cellar Door: Dear Glass Detective, We want to replace sliding doors (wood frame) that are too heavy for us to operate. We need: 1) Good insulation (Jackson, Wyoming) 2) Light weight/easy operation (we are over 65 years old) 3) Moderate cost In the specs I cannot seem to figure […]


Important Updates

 Continued Member Benefits You only pay when you receive leads. If we aren’t performing, you aren’t paying. No need to purchase zip codes. Cover as many service areas as you wish for no additional cost. No contracts- free to cancel at any time, with one month’s notice. You have the option of keeping your current […]

Read More... is BBB Accredited Has Received an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau After undergoing the Better Business Bureau’s thorough review process for weeks, was granted this prestigious accreditation. What Is the BBB? The Better Business Bureau, founded in 1912, is a nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust. What Does the BBB Do? Fostering ethical […]

Read More... Likes You. Do You Like continues to build its social media presence. It currently has over 1,400 Facebook fans and counting! We “Like” all our Affiliate’s pages and we hope you “like” us back. We like to promote our relationship with our Affiliates whenever possible by tagging our Affiliates in relevant posts. To make tagging as easy as possible, […]


Booking Your Leads

How Leads Work When you receive a new lead, you will be notified via email that there is a new lead in your account dashboard. The email will contain some information about the customer, but you must log in to your account dashboard in order to view the customer’s full contact info and replacement […]


Make the Most of Your Membership

Optimize for Leads Your profile page is a great source of leads and should be maximized by filling out the information completely, providing a description of your company, and including your company’s logo. The profile page houses information like your company’s phone number, a link to your company’s website, and Google Map directions to your […]

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