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March 14, 2024® Now Offers Customized Pricing to Consumers

Washington DC —®, a leader in the auto glass replacement lead sector, proudly announces the launch of its VIN Lookup Feature. This tool became available starting February 1, 2024, and revolutionized the way customers obtain quotes for auto glass replacement services.

By simply entering their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), customers can now instantly compare highly accurate, vehicle-specific price quotes from multiple local glass companies. This feature marks a significant improvement over the traditional year/make/model lookup method used by competitors, providing unparalleled accuracy and user experience. This makes the premier choice for customers seeking auto glass replacement quotes- not all online platforms offer VIN-matched pricing.

The introduction of the VIN Lookup Feature has already made a notable impact on’s service metrics. The company initially saw a substantial 40% increase in customer bookings that include a VIN. Further data reveals that customers using VIN quotes are twice as likely to follow through with their bookings. These figures demonstrate the feature’s effectiveness in enhancing customer confidence and decision-making.

“This tool is helping auto glass replacement companies that use our lead service to close more jobs,” stated Daniel Snow, vice president of operations. “Consumers are booking confidently because price expectations are matching reality.”

In its mission to continually enhance customer service and meet industry needs, remains dedicated to innovation. The launch of the VIN Lookup Feature is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing top-tier services, driven by the glass companies it serves.

About® Inc.
Based in Suburban Washington DC, is at the forefront of connecting vehicle owners with local auto glass repair and replacement services. By focusing on cutting-edge technology, precision, and customer satisfaction, aims to revolutionize the auto glass industry, offering an enhanced platform for both service providers and customers.

For additional information or questions, contact the vice president of operations, Daniel Snow, via email at, or by phone at (540) 602-3267.

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