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A Guide to Full Length Mirror Options

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A full-length mirror not only allows you to see yourself and your outfit better while also helping a room appear larger and brighter. Full-length mirrors come in several different sizes with a variety of frames and mounting systems. If you want to be able to see a more complete reflection of yourself and your outfit or add a special touch to your space, then a full-length mirror could be the solution for you.

What is a Full-Length Mirror?

A full-length mirror is a mirror that is usually several feet taller than it is wide, allowing someone to see their full height through their reflection. They work the same as any other mirror. However, due to their size, these mirrors can reflect a greater amount of light, brightening up a space. As a result, it also reflects more of your room, making it appear larger.

What Options are Available for Full-Length Mirrors?

There’s almost an endless amount of variety when it comes to any mirror, including full-length mirrors. There are several different sizes, frame styles, mounting styles, and prices available for you to choose from. And while most people use their full-length mirrors with the longest side vertical to the floor, you could even turn the mirror horizontally for a different look.


Full-Length Mirror Sizes

These mirrors are available in almost any size you could think of, with common dimensions anywhere from around 43 by 13 inches to 68 by 32 inches. Full-length mirrors could even be smaller or larger than those sizes. It’s up to what fits best in your space and how large of a mirror you want or can afford.

Full-Length Mirror Prices

The price of the full-length mirror depends upon its size, frame material, and quality. Flimsy mirrors with a thin, plastic frame can cost $7. Large mirrors with high-quality metal frames could cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars. There really is something for everyone and every budget.

Full-Length Mirror Frames

There are several options available to you when it comes to full-length mirror frame materials and shapes. Some people choose full-length mirrors that have a mirrored frame. The frame could be made out of a high-quality metal such as silver or copper. The frame could even be made of wood or resin but with a metallic finish. Some people prefer the wood look and others go for simple particle board, aluminum, or a fabric frame.

A high-quality wood or metal frame could drive up the cost compared to frames with a metallic or wood finish. Plastics and low-quality wood are often the most inexpensive options, but you trade off durability, which could be the right choice for you depending upon your lifestyle. For more information about how to maintain your new mirror, click here.

No matter which material you choose, you’ll also have to choose between a simple frame or a frame with a pattern or design. Metals can create a sculpted look while glass framings could be etched with interesting patterns.

Full-length mirrors are often rectangular or rounded in an oval shape, but you can choose a more ornate or uniquely shaped frame. The only thing to keep in mind is that if the frame is not rectangular you are more limited in how you mount the mirror. Click here for more information about mirror frames.

Full-Length Mirror Mounting Options

When people think of full-length mirrors they often picture a mirror hung on the wall, but that’s not the only mounting option available to you. You can choose from several different mounting methods, include:

  • Leaning, where you lean the mirror against the wall;
  • Over the door, where you use hardware to hang the mirror over a door;
  • Wall mounting, where you hang the mirror from the wall using nails or screws; or
  • Freestanding, where the frame is designed in such a way that the mirror stands by itself without support from a wall or door.
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We recommend always using a professional to mount mirrors to ensure the job is done safely and the mirror remains mounted securely.


Freestanding Full-length Mirror
 A freestanding, full-length mirror. Photo by Nugroho Wahyu from Pexels

Where Can I Purchase a Full-Length Mirror?

Local glass shops also have a selection of full-length mirrors available. Going this route allows you to support local businesses. Another plus is that you have somewhere you can turn if an issue arises with your mirror. can connect you with a glass shop in your area that can provide you with a variety of mirror options.

More Information About Mirrors

If you’re interested in learning more about mirrors or other types of glass, you should check out the® Info Center. Are you looking to purchase a full-length mirror? Get a free quote from a reputable glass shop by clicking here.

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