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How Much Does a Wine Glass Cost?

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Asking how much a wine glass costs is akin to asking how much a car costs.

Sure, wine glasses (usually) don’t come with extras and options, but you do need to consider different models and styles, uses, and users.

Do you want something inexpensive and basic such as a Kia or Spark?  Perhaps you would opt for something solid and functional such as an SUV, more design-forward in line with a Mini Cooper or Porsche, or a classic like a Cadillac, or something off-the-charts like a McLaren?

See what we mean?

Will you be drinking white or red — or both? We don’t judge. Do you want something tall and elegant or short and elegant? Something functional or a little fun and maybe flirty?

Overwhelmed? Don’t be.

We will answer how much a wine glass costs by reviewing a few key glass characteristics, including:

  • Nose
  • Size
  • Durability
  • Style

It is important to remember you can get a McLaren wine glass without necessarily paying a McLaren price. But if money is no object and you keep your glasses on display, we have just the glass for you!

white-wine-glass-aromaWine Glass Nosing

Nose” is a wine-tasting term that defines how a wine smells in the glass.

Different wine varietals produce different aromas. Almost all wine drinkers smell their glass of wine before they drink it. (You don’t see beer drinkers do this.) It is an essential step in the wine tasting process.

The size of the “bowl” of the glass affects the nose.

While the bowl alone should not affect how much a wine glass costs, it should be considered in the budget depending on what your wine preferences are (or are not). Red wine typically needs a wide bowl. A wider opening gives more oxygen to get into the wine and gives you a chance to get your nose in there for maximum nose delight.

For white wines, the aroma of the wine will vary depending on its complexity and temperature (generally chilled), and the bowl does not need to be as wide as the red.

If you enjoy all types of wine, you may want red and white glass options. For the budget-conscious, select a universal wine glass that can be used for all bottles of wine!

Here are three brilliant options:

Libbey Vina Red Wine Glasses, Set of 6
Shop on Amazon

We like the big bowl on this Libbey glass and the extra-long stem for serious red wine drinkers. If you have dogs or kids running through your house, however, you may wish to stick with glasses lower to the table.

Spiegelau Style White Wine Glasses, Set of 4
Shop on Amazon

Here is an excellent option for white wine drinkers. The manufacturer says it is award-winning. It’s a beautiful glass at a reasonable price.

Fusion Air by Wine Enthusiast Go-To Universal Wine Glasses - Set of 4
Shop on Amazon

And if you want a universal glass, this one from Wine Enthusiast is just a classic glass at a very nice price. Serve white, red, or rose, and no one will lift their nose at this beauty.

Stem or Stemless Wine Glass Costs

Stemless doesn’t work for roses, but it does for wine. And, the selection of great stemless wine glasses keeps getting better and better. Of course, this is a personal preference. Do you like the feel of a standard wine glass or a stemless one?

There is no right or wrong answer, particularly with the growing popularity of stemless. Stemless glasses will fit better in your dishwasher, last longer, and still look great on your table.

joyjolt red stemless wine glasses
JoyJolt Red Stemless Wine Glasses, Premium Crystal, Set Of 4
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We think this JoyJolt model has just the right flare. Not only will it not break easily, at around $10 per glass, it also won’t break the bank, either.

Fun Wine Glass Costs

We mentioned fun and flirty, and we are not going to let you down. We all have that one friend that can’t stop posting pictures of her pug. Am I right?

pug stemless wine glass
Pug Stemless Wine Glass | Unique Gift for Dog Lovers
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The perfect gift for any dog lover.

Four stemless wine glasses with lip prints on the front of each one with various colors of red and pink
Luminarc Girlfriends Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4), 15 oz
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And for the flirtatious among us, try this one on for size. The manufacturer says, “it will get the party started,” and maybe that’s not all!

Gifts for Wine Drinkers

This sommelier red tasting set has it all – not only are these hand-blown glasses, they are also crystal glasses. Crystal wine glasses stand out from the crowd and add an extra-special touch of elegance. That’s because crystal is stronger than glass, and can therefore be made thinner than glass. Thin wine glasses allow the drinker to experience more of the wine, and less of the glass.

You’ve probably heard the saying “crystal clear” before. There’s a reason it’s said. Crystal indeed has properties that make it appear clearer than normal glass.

Not only is it more clear, but it is also more brilliant. When looking through crystal in sunlight, you will likely see a rainbow effect.

An added bonus? Crystal makes a beautiful ringing sound when clinked against another crystal glass. Just be sure not to toast too hard- remember that these glasses can be very thin!

Riedel Veloce Tasting Set
Shop on Amazon

At just over $350 for the set, these glasses should make any wine taste great.

Special Occasion Wine Glass Gifts

Finally, there are special glasses for you or a lovely gift for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary. 

barski handmade red wine glasses in a pink storage box
Barski Handmade Red Wine Glasses, Set of 2
Shop on Amazon

This glass is handmade, and yes, it has diamonds. Pair it with a great wine for that special couple or your special person.

You can see how much a wine glass costs can run the gamut, but the most important thing is to find one you like that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Happy shopping.

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