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Tips for Maintaining Your RV’s Glass

RVs can get dirty easily when traveling on muddy or dirty roads and it’s important to keep them clean to maintain your RV’s longevity. Keeping your RV windows clean is one part of that process. You’ll want to clean them periodically to keep your RV looking clean and fresh. Cleaning your RV windows also improves your view during your travels and can prevent allergies due to dust build-up on this inside of your RV.


Tools and Cleaners for RV Windows

Having the right tools on hand can play a big part in cleaning your RV windows quickly and properly. The first thing you’ll need is a glass cleaner. There are several products out there meant specifically for cleaning glass. Next you’ll need a squeegee, which will prevent streaks from forming on your glass. To wipe the glass, you’ll want to use a lint-free or microfiber towel, which will prevent your RV windows from becoming scratched.

How to Clean the Interior Glass of Your RV

When cleaning the inside of your RV windows it’s a good chance to also clean your curtains or blinds. Start by removing them and either washing your curtains or cleaning your blinds with soapy water and a microfiber cloth.

The next step is to remove your window screens and clean each one with a damp washcloth to remove any built-up dirt. Finally, clean the inside of you windows with glass cleaner and a lint-free towel or microfiber cloth. Not only will this prevent scratches but it won’t leave fiber particles all over your windows.

How to Clean the Exterior Glass of Your RV

Once you’ve cleaned the inside of your RV’s windows it’s time to move on to the exterior. You may need a ladder for this part. You can clean the exterior of your windows the same way you cleaned the interior or you can use a product such as Windex Outdoor which attaches to your hose and spray both water and the glass cleaner onto your windows. If streaks occur after this process, you may want to go back over the windows with a traditional glass cleaner and lint-free towel.

A Quick Way to Clean Your RV Glass

There’s another option if you don’t have glass cleaner, don’t want to use glass cleaner due to the environmental impacts or if you want to clean you RV glass quickly. You can run a microfiber cloth under water and wring it out so that it’s damp instead of soaking wet. Then use it to clean the interior window surface and mirrors. Once the windows are wet you can dry them using a dry microfiber towel.

Chips and Cracks in RV Glass

It’s not always possible to simply clean away every imperfection. If a rock has chipped or cracked one of your windows, make sure you get it repaired or replaced. Otherwise, the chip or crack could grow, weakening your window. If you get a chip or crack in your RV glass you can take it to an RV glass repair shop to get fixed. Use to locate a shop nearby a get a quick price quote.

More Information About RV Glass

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