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Toyota Windshield Replacement: A Comprehensive Guide

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A quick overview of everything you need to know about replacing your Toyota windshield. This includes windshield repair costs, safety, and calibrating your Toyota windshield properly.

Replacing Your Toyota Windshield

Replacing a damaged windshield on your Toyota vehicle is typically no different than most other car manufacturers. However, if you own a Toyota, here are a few things to remember when having a professional auto glass repair company complete the windshield replacement process:

  1. The Toyota auto glass technician should ensure that the replacement windshield is an exact match for the original Toyota windshield.
  1. The technician should check for misaligned gaskets and ensure the adhesive is applied correctly.
  1. Have the technician use specialized calibration tools for your Toyota vehicle to precisely measure and adjust the windshield.
  1. The technician should follow the recommended setting of the windshield’s position in the frame. Misaligned windshield glass can be a safety hazard.


Windshield Replacement Cost For Top Toyota Models

Here are some top Toyota Models in the U.S. and an average windshield replacement price: 

  1. Toyota Camry: The Camry is the best-selling car in the U.S. and has been for 15 consecutive years. It is known for its reliable performance, excellent fuel economy, and comfortable interior. Estimated cost to replace windshield: $276
  1. Toyota Corolla: The Corolla is the second best-selling car in the U.S. It is known as a reliable and affordable car, touted for its reliable performance, excellent fuel economy, and ample cabin space. Estimated cost to replace windshield: $263
  1. Toyota RAV4: The RAV4 is a popular mid-size SUV that offers a comfortable ride, decent fuel economy, and an efficient powertrain. The Rav4 is one of the best-selling SUVs in the U.S. Estimated cost to replace windshield: $325
  1. Toyota Highlander: The Highlander is known for its comfortable interior, reliable performance, and spacious interior. It is an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable road trip vehicle. Estimated cost to replace windshield: $300
  1. Toyota Tacoma: The Tacoma is a popular mid-size pickup truck known for its rugged capabilities and dependable performance. It is a great choice for those looking for a reliable work truck. Estimated cost to replace windshield: $271

*Estimates use national average pricing from 2022 customer quotes. Pricing will vary depending on geographic area and your vehicle’s specific options.

Toyota Windshield Safety Features and Calibration

Toyota’s latest features that utilize the windshield and camera system include: 

  1. Toyota’s Clear View Technology: This technology uses a Heads-up Display (HUD) to project pertinent information onto your windshield. This way, your view of dashboard data isn’t further complexified.
  1. Toyota Pre-Collision System: This system combines cameras and sensors to detect possible obstacles. The system is designed to apply automatic braking if necessary.
  1. Toyota Lane Keeping Assist: This system uses cameras to detect lane markers. The system is designed to gently steer your vehicle back into the lane if you begin to drift.


Toyota’s latest windshield and camera safety features require calibration when replacing the windshield. Having the windshield installed incorrectly by leaving out these calibrations can result in these features not working correctly. This could reduce the effectiveness of these features and put the car at greater risk for an accident.

Make sure you have your Toyota windshield replaced by a professional technician who is familiar with Toyota’s standard calibration procedures. is here to get you accurate estimates on your Toyota windshield replacement. In addition, we work with local auto glass shops to ensure you get great pricing.

When you’re ready, use our free auto glass estimator to get accurate pricing from certified shops in your area. Simply fill out your information, provide details about your Toyota, and let us know what type of auto glass needs replacing.

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