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Adding a Sliding Glass Barn Door Inside of Your Home

sliding barn shower door
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Doors have existed inside of homes in some fashion since ancient times, but now there are more options to choose from when trying to give a custom look and feel to your dwelling. Barn doors have grown in popularity over the past few years and have become a go-to, or staple, for those looking to achieve a farmhouse chic feeling in a room. Although the excitement for this type of door has grown, there are a few things you should know before you make the decision of having one installed in your home.

Defining What a Barn Door Is

The first thing to know about this style of door is what makes it unique, as in, what it takes for a door to be classified as a barn door. They can be a useful and attractive alternative to a swinging door or a pocket door. Though a professional installer can buy doors intended for a barn-door installation, virtually any door can be converted to a barn door with special tracks and hangers.

Since barn doors are hung in a way that allows them to move horizontally, you should keep space in mind when you talk to your installer. Each barn door can range in how far it sticks out; some experts say you should account for about two inches of space from the wall with standard tracks. There’s also no need to worry about whether or not everything will be aligned properly, because when your installer hangs your barn door he or she will make sure it is centered and on track.

Barn Door Location

There isn’t really a “wrong place” to have your barn door installed. In many cases they can serve as a means to separate rooms. For example, if you have a formal dining room that isn’t used often, you can think about separating that dining area with a barn door. This will allow you to showcase your formal area when desired and when it isn’t in use you can slide the door to close off that area.

Sliding barn shower doorGlass Barn Doors in the bath. Yes – you can even add a barn door into your bathroom. In most cases it will serve as your shower door. This option mostly involves glass being used versus wood (in other areas of your home). Barn style glass for your shower door is a functional option for smaller bathrooms where a swinging door isn’t ideal. If you decide on using glass for your bathroom barn door you should also be aware of what glass is available to be used. There are two types of glass options available for shower doors – they are laminated and tempered. Both are safety glazing.

You might want to use a barn door is an area where a conventional door will not work or fit. Your door installer can go over additional placement options in your home to help you find what will best work for you.

Additional barn door placement options can include:

  1. Living rooms,
  2. Laundry room,
  3. Bedrooms,
  4. Home office,
  5. Pantry, and
  6. Closets.

Pros and Cons of Barn Doors

Just like with anything you add to your home there are pros and cons. Below are a few notable things you should keep in mind when deciding if a barn door is right for you and your home.

Barn Door Pros

  1. Less wear and tear on your floors – Unlike a swinging door, a barn door doesn’t sweep across your floors.
  2. Quicker installation – Installing a barn door is not only quicker, but easier than framing a swinging door or, harder still, adding a pocket door.
  3. Overall look – The rustic look of barn-door hardware can fit into any style of home and add a touch of country living to a space.

Barn Door Cons

  1. Auditory issues – Most reviews say the acoustics with having a barn door are not as bad as having just a curtain for a door, but a door that merely covers the outline of the doorway doesn’t provide the kind of sound-dampening that a traditional door offers.
  2. Staying Closed – This means if the barn door is not slid shut just so, it might not stay put. It’s possible for it to slide open for an inch, but it might also open all of the way (this is seen more often in older homes that might not have every floor leveled properly). It’s also important to note that it’s logistically a little harder to latch a sliding door; this is because you can’t have anything protruding from the barn door that would bump into or scratch the wall where it slides, according to some door experts. Your professional door installer might suggest adding a sliding latch onto your barn door on the inside, to ensure it remains closed when you do not want to have it opening.
  3. Additional noise – Some barn doors are louder than other when they open and shut. Depending on your hardware, which your installer will discuss with you, the sound of the door sliding on the track can be resolved.

Choosing To Add A Barn Door

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what barn doors are and how they can be incorporated into your home. With this knowledge you can be more confident when speaking to your barn door installer. If you’re wondering where to find a reputable installer, look to

Video Transcription – Is a Glass Barn Door Right for Your Home?

So something that’s really trending right now are barn doors. This gives a nice rustic look and they don’t always have to be solid wood. This one is glass.

You’re right! So there’s always been that feel that the barn door has to be wood, right? We’ve come up with some cool ways in our industry to change that feel.

So this is just a steel door with glass inserts. You can break it up however you want. You can add divided lites and really fit the customer’s needs.

So this is where we mock them up. We build them, we get them ready to go, we hang them on the wall, and make sure that they slide.

So even though this is a big, heavy industrial looking door, the operation is so smooth.

For sure! The manufacturers of the hardware have gotten really good at giving us options. You can have modern options, rustic options, and we can retrofit those. If you can find someone who is making these, they’ll for sure retrofit the hardware for you.

Awesome. So here we have a barn door that’s in the process of being made and it looks like you can really customize this to the needs of the customer.

You’re absolutely correct. This thing can be turned into anything you want. You can break this up and divide it up however you want. We can make these inserts as big small as you want, and what we put in there can be changed.

So it doesn’t just have to be clear glass, You could put in frosted glass.

For sure. You could go through any of those options that we’ve talked about in the past with the different types of glass. We can even use steel to break it up. So you can have a full bottom if you were afraid of someone running through the glass. That’s a scary thought, right? We can make that steel and then these can be any of those pattered glasses that we’ve talked about; including putting holes through the glass and adding handles. I mean, as custom as you want.

The sky is the limit!

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