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Nick St. Denis


Nick St. Denis currently serves as the director of research for Key Media & Research and is formerly the editor of USGlass magazine. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the State University of New York where he studied journalism and is currently working on earning his Master’s Degree in survey research. Nick has a passion for sports including football, hockey, and golf. He enjoys playing ice hockey in a local men’s league and cheers on the New York Islanders when not on the ice himself. He was actually a sports reporter for a New York newspaper and also worked at a country club in Virginia. Most notably, Nick is husband to his wife Tammy, and father to his son Carter. Find out more about Nick on Linkedin.

Posts by Nick St. Denis

How to Clean Your Glass Furniture

March 1, 2022

Glass furniture pieces, such as table tops and shelves, can make a living space beautiful. But glass, more than many other materials, requires care in maintaining clarity and cleanliness. Check out our tips to keep your glass in tip-top appearance. See more here.

Auto Glass Tools: What Auto Glass Technicians Use on the Job

March 1, 2022

Ever wonder what tools are used to replace your windshield? Not all technicians use the same set of tools, but there are a few basic tools you’ll see most technicians using on a standard windshield replacement. Check out some of the most important tools used by technicians here!

How to “Soundproof” Your Windows

March 1, 2022

Maybe there’s a noisy construction site around the corner. Or you live in a neighborhood with lots of loud dogs. Perhaps you wake up to loud vehicles passing your house in the late hours. There are ways to keep that sound out! Read to find out more.

The Easy Way to Wash and Clean Your Windows

March 1, 2022

Tips for Keeping Your Window and Door Glass Clean When it comes to keeping the glass in your home’s doors clean, you might think there’s nothing to it—all it takes is a little glass cleaner and paper towels, right? Sounds easy enough, but it’s not always that simple. There are many ways to clean your […]

Side View Mirror Replacement Importance

October 16, 2018

Damage to your vehicle can happen in many ways, and no part of your car is immune. Your sideview mirrors are critical in ensuring your safety and your effectiveness in driving. If one is broken, you should fix it as soon as possible. Read more here.

Tips For Cleaning Your Glass Stovetop

July 31, 2018

Of all the appliances in the kitchen, the glass stove is often the one that pulls together the sleek, contemporary look that is so popular. Food scraps and contaminants can build up on your stove. Keep your glass stovetop (and ultimately your kitchen) looking sleek with these cleaning tips.

How Self-Driving Cars Will Impact Society

April 12, 2018

Picture a world where self-driving cars—or autonomous vehicles—are the norm. Self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, are poised to have a major impact on the world as we know it. Their effects will be felt in aspects of society—economically, technologically, culturally, and in many other areas. Here's how.

Take Three: A Trio of Ongoing Advancements in Auto Glass

March 1, 2018

“Technology” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your vehicle’s windshield or sunroof. But there are plenty of exciting developments in auto glass that may shape the way you operate your car in the future. breaks down three of them here. Read more!

Don’t Fall Prey to a Cheap Independent Windshield Technician

February 22, 2018

A proper windshield installation is vital to ensuring you and your passengers are as safe as possible in your vehicle, which is why you should have any windshield work done through an accredited business. Find out more.

Paying the Price: Cost Considerations for Windows and Doors

February 22, 2018

In order to help you get a better understanding of where the cost of your windows and doors comes from, why it may fluctuate up and down over time depending on the circumstance, and why one window may be exponentially more expensive than another, we break it down.