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Honda Windshield Replacement: A Comprehensive Guide

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A quick overview of everything you need to know about replacing your Honda windshield, including costs, safety, and calibrating your Honda windshield properly.


Replacing Your Honda Windshield

Replacing a damaged windshield on your Honda vehicle is usually no different than most other car manufacturers. The windshield style may differ depending on your model and year, but the process is typically the same. We always recommend having a professional trained in auto glass replacement do the work. Here’s what the process looks like:

Removing the Old Honda Windshield: First, the windshield replacement technician will need to remove the old Honda windshield. This is usually done with special tools designed for this purpose.

Prepping the New Honda Windshield: Once the old Honda windshield is removed, the new one will need to be prepared. This process usually involves cleaning the area around the opening and applying a sealant and primer, depending on the type of windshield. A bead of urethane will also be applied around the frame of the windshield. The urethane is what secures and seals the windshield in place.

Setting the New Honda Windshield: Next, the new Honda windshield will need to be positioned into place. The technician may do this by hand, or use special tools to set the windshield into the frame.

Installing Trim: Next, the new technician will install any trim that was removed during the windshield removal process. Typically this includes new rubber or plastic trim pieces.

Clean the New Honda Windshield: After securing the new Honda windshield, the glass will need to be cleaned thoroughly. This is usually done with a special glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

Minimum Driveaway Time: The urethane must cure for a specific period of time before the vehicle can be driven. The “minimum driveway time” will depend on many factors including temperature, humidity, and the type of urethane used. Typical driveway times range between 30-60 minutes.

Testing the New Honda Windshield: The final step is to take a test drive with the new Honda windshield. The technician must ensure that everything is secure, that the seals are in place, and that there are no leaks.


Windshield Replacement Cost For Honda Models

Below is a listing of some top Honda Car Models and details about each Honda model in the U.S. and the average windshield replacement price:

Honda Accord: Popular midsize sedan with an average windshield replacement price of $311

Honda Civic
: Popular compact sedan with an average windshield replacement price of $256

Honda CR-V:
Popular crossover SUV with an average windshield replacement price of $300

Honda Odyssey
: Popular minivan with an average windshield replacement price of $273

Honda Pilot
: Popular midsize SUV with an average windshield replacement price of $319.


*Estimates use national average pricing from 2022 customer quotes. Pricing will vary depending on geographic area and your vehicle’s specific options.

Honda Windshield Safety Features and Calibration

Honda’s latest features that utilize the Honda windshield and camera system include:

Lane Watch: A camera system that provides wide-angle views of the passenger’s side of the vehicle to the driver.

Collision Sensing: An advanced system designed to sense when a collision is imminent and take action to avoid or lessen the impact.

Rain Sensing Wipers: Automatically activates wipers when it begins to rain and adjusts the wiper speed to keep the windshield clear.

Traffic Sign Recognition: A system that utilizes the camera to detect, recognize and alert the driver of speed limit signs, stop signs, and other road signs.


Honda’s latest windshield and camera safety features require calibration when replacing the windshield. The calibration cost will depend on the model and year of your Honda vehicle.

Make sure you have a professional technician working on your Honda windshield that is familiar with the standard calibration procedures. is here to get you accurate estimates on your Honda windshield replacement. In addition, we work with local auto glass shops to ensure you get the best pricing in your area.

Whenever you need auto glass replacement services, feel free to use our free auto glass estimator to get accurate pricing from certified local shops. Just fill out your information, provide details about your car, and let us know what type of auto glass you need to have replaced.

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