Decoding Your Car’s Windshield

A Permanent “Bug”

This permanent bug on your windshield is probably a bit different than what you have pictured. The automotive glass industry actually refers to the stamp pictured above as a “bug” or “monogram” which can usually be found on the bottom corner of your windshield. The bug provides pertinent information about the windshield, which can be helpful to both consumers and glass shops.

Why is it There?

If you’re going to have your windshield replaced soon, it may be beneficial to provide the glass shop with the information in the bug. Or if you recently had your glass replaced, you may want to confirm that the shop used quality glass. So what do all of these numbers and symbols mean?

What Does it Mean?

We’ll start with the most obvious—this glass is for a Nissan and is most likely the original factory part since it displays the company logo. The company that made the part for Nissan is Vitro and it was manufactured in Mexico. Not all glass will have these logos displayed, but all will list their Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) number that the company is registered under. For example, Vitro is registered under DOT 287.

What about the line reading “LAMINATED AS1”? U.S. federal regulations require that glass pass certain safety tests. AS1 glass passes them all, AS2 does not pass all the impact tests, and AS3 is typically of a darker tint and is referred to as privacy glass. Since AS1 is the only glass to pass all safety tests, it is the only glass allowed for windshield use.

The E with a circle around it may be displayed if the product is also distributed in Europe. You may also see “CCC” with a circle around it if the product is distributed to China. Both of these markings carry similar meanings to US’s AS1 safety rating. The long number next to the E which reads “43R-000499” also pertains to European distribution. The first section, “43R”, indicates the part conforms  European standard of safety regulation number 43. The set of numbers that follows, “000499”, is the approval number assigned to the part.

Next, we’ll look at M119. This is the manufacturer’s part number which allows them to identify the glass. There may be additional symbols, illustrations, or codes added by the manufacturer to indicate information such as date of manufacture, added options and more.

Replacing the Glass

When having your glass replaced , these manufacturer designations may help the glass company identify the exact glass needed for your vehicle. But because some vehicles can have up to 20 different windshields depending on equipment options, they may need the vehicle identification number, or even to do a visual inspection to identify a match.


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40 responses to “Decoding Your Car’s Windshield”

  1. I Am trying to Identify this rear heated window. The following information was on the window bug.

    Safety Float
    Solid Tempered Heated
    I Y
    Dot 15 M50

    The only number written on the box was #7161. It is in the original Libby- Owens- Ford box. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Blaise

    • Hi Blaise,
      Unfortunately, a windshield’s bug is usually only helpful in identifying the make-up of the glass itself, and not what vehicles the glass can be used in. It is only if the manufacturer purchases a NAGS license in order to list the NAGS part number is it possible to later on discern exactly what vehicle(s) the glass fits. The number on the box is of little help unless possibly you are able to get in touch with the company that distributed the product in the first place. Sorry there wasn’t an easy answer.

    • Closest I can get is that the date code on the glass (IY) indicates it was manufactured in June of 1972, and its for a GM vehicle. A lot of the GM vehicles used the same glass across the car makes (ie Chevy, Buick, Olds etc). IF you can “estimate” what the measurements of what the glass would be IF it were flat, you might be able to determine what it fits by visiting an auto glass company that has been around for awhile and would still have a copy of the NAGS auto glass specs book for 1972. After that its just a process of elimination. (Fits a 1972 GM model car, and has a measurement of X” by X”. Hope this helps!

  2. I need to know what this windshield fits please. I know its a small sports car but which one it fits is my question. Here are the markings

    Viracon Tinted ASI M 50 DOT 129 bottom right corner
    234 B2 opposite side corner

    15 0 top right corner.

    Hope you can get me some direction here. Thanks!

    • Ralph, unfortunately is it extremely difficult to identify a windshield part based solely on its markings- these are typically used by the manufacturer to identify the material make-up of the part. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer or bringing it to an experienced local windshield replacement technician.

    • Hi Gerald, AS3 glass is considered by ANSI Z26.1 standards to be a lower grade than AS2 mainly due to the fact that this glass allows for less visibility due to the darker color. AS2 and AS3 are both more susceptible to breakage than AS1 (they do not pass the stell ball drop test and therefore cannot be used for windshields). AS3 glass may appear to scratch more easily due to the darker color which would show scratches more easily.

  3. Hello I was given three windshields of different sizes and shapes I was wanting to know if I could find out or how to find out what kind of car they can be fit in And how to identify the year and what make of car or truck they might fit in

    • Hi Jerry,

      Unfortunately this is a tougher task than one would think. If you’re lucky, the windshield manufacturer will have a National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) license and the part number will be printed on the glass. In this case you can contact NAGS to find out what vehicles it fits. This is probably not the case though. If you contact the manufacturer of the windshield, they should be able to tell you more about the glass itself (thickness, chemical makeup, etc.) but it is not likely they will be able to tell you what vehicles it fits.
      Your last option is to bring the windshields to a local auto glass shop. Some industry veterans may be able to identify what vehicle a windshield fits, but this is not a foolproof method.

  4. I want to create a custom logo in the same typefaces as used in these windshield bugs as well as have it heat applied to a glass surface in the same manner. It isn’t for a car, just a personal project.

    Is there software used to create these bugs and who might offer the ability to print and apply the enamel logo to glass?


  5. Hello! I was trying to fully identify this sticker to figure out what tint % is on my windows. It has 0 27 rather than 0 • like the example. Would that mean the windows are rated 27%?

    • Hi Cole,

      There are a number of…numbers…stamped a vehicle’s glass and most codes are unique to the manufacturer so it would be difficult to say exactly what the 27 you’re referring to means. Getting in touch directly with the manufacturer may help.

  6. My side windows read
    43R 004585
    Dot615 v35 as2
    How do I tell if it is uva protection? It’s a 2000 beetle. I have a sun allergy and am trying to protect myself. Thanks so much.

    • Great question Laragene! The majority of coupes and sedans don’t have any tint at all. For those that do, its main purpose is to add a degree of privacy rather than UV protection. The best option for those with sun allergies and sensitivities is to have aftermarket window film applied by a local and reputable tint shop. They should be able to explain the benefits that different types of tint provide, and recommend an option to suit your needs.

  7. How can you tell the tinyt color? My rear window is shattered, and I would like to order a replacement. The vehicle is a 2015 Honda CRV

  8. I’ve been looking everywhere to find some information about how to register for a DOT number as a windshield manufacturer.

    Can someone help me please ? Thanks in advance.

  9. Hello
    I have one back windshield at home. I just know this is för Volvo,but I don’t know which Volvo.
    Here is nummers and cod

    DOT 682M 3232 AS2
    E1 EMB 4317

    please help me know for which Volvo model is it

  10. Hi, I would like to know if a drivers side glass for S type jag no. E11 (circled) 43 R -00002 9 DOT 17-M22-AS2 1.. Is same size and colour as a E11 (circled) 43 R-00002 9 DOT 17-M22-AS2 ..2 I’ll explain why I ask, I own a S type jag year 02 and I need to change the window due to lots of scratches, and I have a guy breaking a S Type jag same year but of a 52 reg, He’s given me the number on his glass, and all I can see is that the last diggets are dif, ie his ..2 and mine 1.. Could you help in confirming if these are one and the same tint and size Thanks

  11. Hi can you help me to find out what percentage of light a side window on my BMW X5 would omit with these details etched into the glass.
    E9 43R 004530
    DOT 615M50V SA2
    CCC E000214
    I would be very grateful if you could help me.
    Mark Ward.

  12. Hello~ I was wondering if you could tell if there is any significant difference between these two windshields. This first one is the one that was just installed on my 2016 Chev Silverado 2500:
    Laminated GS, DOT-287, AS-1, M180, TRANS 70% Min. E3
    VITRO 43R-000495, OCP N 0009, 18 . . . . . . (with . . . underneath)

    However, it looks less tinted than the following windshield that was originally on the truck, but unfortunately had to be replaced due to rock damage:
    Laminated GS, DOT 1038, AS-1, M154, TRANS 70% Min. E2
    43R -0115124
    E001 488
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kit,

      Thanks for the question! The second windshield you listed is made by a well-known company called Fuyao. We can tell this because each manufacturer is assigned a DOT number (1038 in this case). There will almost always be differences from manufacturer simply due to differences in production processes from brand to brand.

  13. Hi, I would appreciate if you can explain the meaning of “OCP N 0009” figure marked on the windscreen. I searched about this on the internet but could not find a clear answer. Thanks a lot!

  14. My glass search started because i am trying to find what factory tint % number my windows are. This is the glass code off of my 07 Chevy Avalanche: GM TEMPERED GS DOT 615 M40V AS2 TRANS 70% MIN SAINT-GOBAIN SEKURIT E9 43R-004529 6. I still haven’t found any information on or what % they are tinted but am coming to the conclusion the only way to find out is to go somewhere that has a tint meter and have them measure my glass.

  15. I had my windshield replaced due to a chip. Now I have a hard time seeing while driving as it seems to fog up and at strange times. Is it possible they replaced it with an incorrect style?
    I drive a 2016 fusion titanium awd.

    • Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for the question! Normally condensation is due to climate conditions and it could just be a coincidence that weather changes coincided with the time of your windshield replacement. If your windshield is fogging from the inside, this is due to moisture. Be sure your car’s ventilation system is working properly and use the defrost setting with the A/C on (even if your heat is on)- this will help take moisture out of the air. Let us know if this helps!

  16. Hello, I am trying to find out if there is a NAGS part number for a Guardian windshield that fits in a old workhorse truck. The truck is used by a uniform company similar to a Cintas truck. Though it is not a DW 1648/49/50 or DW1676. The Guardian bug has a MM N 12 14B. I am thinking its because it maybe a R.V. chassis. Any help would be great.


    • Hi James,

      The easiest way to find a replacement windshield for this vehicle will be to contact an auto glass replacement company and they will be able to locate the proper NAGS number based on the year make and model.


  17. Can 2 windshields in the same car belong to two different years like in new Mercedes
    GLC which I had bought in 2017, all glasses were of 2016 but the back windshield was of 2017
    Is this ethical or possible
    + The car is manufactured on 05/17 but the back windshield has 6 dots followed by 17 something like ……17(dots are on the upper side)
    Please explain

  18. How could you possibly miss the most important number that everyone cares about??? What about that gigantic and long number that’s stamp

    You don’t even mention what that means!

    • Louis, you make a great point that we left out this detail! We actually did so because, like the number “E9” next to it, it also pertains to European market information. Most of our readership is within the US, but it’s important none the less!

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